Top two of the best-selling activities in Cebu in one tour package. Yes, you read it right! All these extreme adventures can be done in a day. You have us to guide you all throughout the duration of the tour. You’ll surely have fun and enjoy the activities waiting for you in Cebu. Prepare yourself because this is going to be the best adventure you’ll ever have. An encounter with the whale sharks plus adventures in the canyon. Whale Sharks – Canyoneering are the best in Cebu.

Let the Whale Sharks – Canyoneering Adventure begin!

To start your Whale Sharks – Canyoneering Adventure, we will be picking you up at your hotel. And so, the adventure begins. We will be traveling to the south of Cebu since it is where the Whale Sharks and Canyoneering activities are located. The travel going to Oslob from Cebu City would take approximately 3 hours and within this span of time, you are going to witness amazing scenery along the road.

Oslob in Cebu

Whale Sharks

In Oslob, there will be a little orientation before you are going to have an encounter with the Whale Sharks. After the short reminders, you are going to ride a boat and, in a few minutes, you will already witness the gigantic creatures. You can jump into the water and swim with these Whale Sharks. They are slow-moving creatures so you can have a perfect picture with them. You’ll really get fascinated with these creatures. Have fun swimming with them then.

Whale Sharks in Whale Sharks-Aguiid Falls Tour

After your adventure with the Whale Sharks, you will then head to the starting point for canyoneering. That is going to take an hour. Just enough time to restore your energy before going on another adventure. For sure, you’ll need a lot of energy for your next activity.

whale shark in Cebu


When at the starting point already, there will be reminders to be told for safety purposes. Also, you have to wear a life jacket which will be provided and we would highly recommend that you’ll wear aqua shoes which will be provided. After this, your Canyoneering adventure begins. Here are the activities that you will experience in this adventure.

canyons in Whale Sharks - Canyoneering

Expect that you are to experience rappelling through the cliffs. You have to rappel down in order to get into the area where it will be easier to jump into the water.

Rapelling in Badian Canyoneering

Another is rock sliding. There are times that you have to slide into the rocks to get into the water.

Rock sliding in Badian Canyoneering

The most exciting part is cliff diving where you will be able to jump a 50 feet tall cliff. Don’t worry because there are also times that you have to jump into those not so tall cliffs. Exciting isn’t it?

Cliff jumping in Badian Canyoneering

How about swimming with the group?  Yes, it will really be fun. There are times when you just let the water current bring you to your next destination. Effortless, it really is.

Swimming in Badian Canyoneering

Caving is also part of the adventure where you have to pass through those small caves because it is the only way out.

Caves in Badian Canyoneering

These are just some of the things that you will experience in your Whale Sharks – Canyoneering adventure. For more, visit Cebu! Book our tour and we will bring you there


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