Here is our sample of programs where we mix the best Islands for you and include it on your travel. Philfun Travel and Tours only offer unique and enjoyable tours. We will bring you to the best destinations in the Philippines. You can avail of any of these programs or we can arrange another program for your vacation in the Philippines that you would like. We are always after your flight details and interests, so that, you will have a stress-free and unforgettable vacation. Also, in order for you to conclude that “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

Tours around the Philippines for 10 nights

Why is it more fun in the Philippines?

The Philippines, being composed of 7,641 Islands, houses a great number of bewitching tourist spots. This country is abundant in natural and man-made captivating scenery. This scenery has been known worldwide and has been every tourist’s favorite destination. Aside from its fascinating natural wonders, the warm welcome of its people will make you feel like you are home. Here, you can also experience the unique culture and tradition of the Filipinos during your vacation in the Philippines.

Explore more than what you usually see…

Join the locals in their fiesta celebrations or join the tribes in the highlands of the Philippines in their rituals, sure, they won’t make you feel out of place.

These are just some of the reasons why we decided to encourage people to spend their vacation in the Philippines. Since, in this country, you can experience one of a kind of adventure and explore unusual scenery. Whatever your preferences are, you can satisfy it in here. Once you visit the country, you will surely meet all your beauty expectations.

  • Fascinating waterfalls,
  • enchanting caves,
  • towering karst formations,
  • magnificent rice terraces,
  • sea of clouds,
  • encounter with the unique creatures

are just some of the choices that you can choose from on your vacation here.

For sure, the Philippines is on your bucket list already. And you are already planning to visit and explore the wonders that it hold. Got a long vacation and wanted it to be worthy of your effort, time, and money? Want to make it hassle-free? Well, you have us to make your travel there worthwhile. We can arrange your vacation in the Philippines together or you can leave it to us.

Travel with us!