El Nido, Tour A offers you the best destinations in Palawan. World-class destinations that you surely will visit again. Prepare to be astonished by the beauty of the wonders that you are going to explore. This is going to be an exciting tour since you are going to visit the magnificent wonders of El Nido. These alluring places are well-known in the Philippines or even in other countries. Places that are more than worthy to explore. So, when you are planning to spend your vacation in the Philippines, don’t forget to visit the natural wonders of Palawan.

Your El Nido, Tour A starts here!

We will be picking you up at your hotel. From there, you will travel going to the port. The port where the boat docks. That is the starting point for this tour. When you are already settled in the boat, you will then head to your first destination.

Secret Lagoon

The first destination will be the Secret Lagoon. A lagoon that is hidden in between the towering karst formation. Secret Lagoon is literally a secret. If you will not get closer in to the island and pass through the tiny opening at the bottom of the limestone rock formations then you will not witness its splendid ambiance. After enjoying this lagoon, you will then go back to the boat and head to your next stop.

Secret Lagoon in El Nido, Tour A Palawan

The tiny opening that you are going to pass

Secret Lagoon in El Nido, Tour A Palawan

Shimizu Island

After a few minutes, you will then arrive at Shimizu Island. Snorkeling here is a great idea since there are coral reefs nearby. While you are enjoying the crystal-clear beach and powdery white sands of Shimizu Island, your lunch will be prepared. For your lunch, you will be eating delicious foods that will satisfy your cravings. After having a sumptuous lunch, you can enjoy the beach again. This Island is rich in marine life. You can see here the school of fishes, different types of corals, and a lot more. After having a great time on this Island, you will then head to your next stop.

Shimizu Island in El Nido,Tour A Palawan

Small Lagoon

Another few minutes of travel going to the Small Lagoon of El Nido. The unspoiled beauty of the lagoon will leave you fascinated. Small Lagoon is also surrounded by amazing limestone rock formations. Kayaking is famous here since tourists usually rent kayaks to explore the lagoon even more. This lagoon is also picturesque so have time to take pictures here.

El Nido, Tour A Palawan

Big Lagoon

Next to the Small Lagoon is the Big Lagoon of El Nido. Another enchanting beauty of nature awaits you here. This Lagoon is also filled with aquatic resources. Its crystal-clear waters with lots of marine species underneath will complete your El Nido, Tour A. This beautiful lagoon is located in between the karst formations. It’s like the karst formations open its gate and welcoming you to a hidden Paradise. Yes, it is how it felt like when you are there. Discover it yourself when you’ll get there!

Big Lagoon in El Nido,Tour A Palawan

Seven Commandos Beach

After savoring the Big Lagoon, you are going to travel for a few minutes again until you reach the Seven Commandos Beach. The Island is named after the 7 soldiers who used to live here. The island features a long stretch of white sands which means you’ll have enough space to relax and enjoy the beach. The thirst-quenching buko juice here is a must-try too. The sounds of the palm trees while sipping your buko juice will make you feel like you are on your private Island.

7 Commando Beach in El Nido,Tour A Palawan

You will really enjoy this tour and for sure you will go back. After the tour, you will be heading back to the port. From there, transport will be available to take you back to your hotel.

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