Experience the best vacation you could ever have. In this tour package, you are going to explore the paradise of the Philippines. Palawan has so much natural wonders that you won’t believe for it to exist. Travel over the world class destinations of Palawan and fall in love with its marvelous scenery. Also, in this Cebu-Palawan-Cebu Tour package, you are going to explore the Queen City of the South -Cebu. Which also have tons of magnificent wonders for every tourist to explore. Be astonished with the karst formation that you are going to witness in Palawan. Be mesmerized with the splendid tourist spots of Cebu.

Cebu-Palawan Tour

Day 1 Transfer to the Hotel
Check-in at the Hotel
Day 2 Oslob-Aguinid-Simala tour
Day 3 Check out at the Hotel
Flight to Palawan
Travel to El Nido, Palawan
Check-in at the Hotel
Day 4 El Nido Lagoons and Beaches Tour
Day 5 El Nido, Tour C
Day 6 Free time
Day 7 Check out at the hotel
Travel to Puerto Princesa
Check-in at the Hotel, Puerto Princesa
Iwahig Dinner and Firefly Watching
Day 8 Underground River Tour
Day 9 Free time
Day 10 Travel to Cebu
Check-in at the Hotel
Day 11 Shopping
  Check out at the Hotel
Transfer to the Airport

To start your Cebu-Palawan Tour, the moment that you will arrive in Cebu, the Resort’s shuttle will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the Resort where you will be staying for 2 nights. The Resort where you will be staying in Plantation Bay Resort & Spa. This Resort features a spacious lagoon where you can swim. Their man-made lagoon is filled with seawater where kayaking is also an exciting thing to do. The staff here are accommodating and welcoming. Their rooms are also relaxing. You’ll really have a good stay here.
Accommodations in Cebu

Oslob-Aguinid-Simala Tour

On the second day of your Cebu-Palawan-Cebu Tour, you will be traveling to the south of Cebu to start your Oslob-Aguinid-Simala Tour. Have a close encounter with the whale sharks and swim with them. These gigantic creatures don’t eat humans so you don’t have to be afraid. In fact, a lot of tourists come here every day to witness the largest fish species in the planet -the Whale Sharks.

whale shark in Cebu

After you swim with the Whale Sharks, you will then head to Samboan for the second stop of your tour. Samboan’s Aguinid Falls is one of a kind. It looks like a man-made spot but the fact is, it’s natural. Have some dip and enjoy this cold waterfall. There are actually lots of waterfalls in Cebu and Aguinid Falls is one of the best.

Aguinid Falls Samboan, Cebu

The last stop for this tour would be the Simala Church. This is a holy place with a grand architectural design. It is well-known in Cebu because it is known to be miraculous. Every day, thousands of devotees and tourists come to Simala. This church looks like a palace and there is so much to witness inside. After this tour, you will then travel back to the hotel.

Simala shrine in Cebu

Cebu – Palawan transfer

The next day, as part of your Cebu-Palawan Tour, you will then go to the airport because this time you will explore Palawan. The moment that you arrive in Palawan, land transport will be available to take you to El Nido and would take approximately 6 hours. Don’t worry because travel will be worth it. You will stay at One El Nido Suite. A classy hotel that provides not only comfort but also excellent service to their guests. On day 4, you will be exploring the wonders of El Nido. You will explore the Small lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and 7 commando Beach. Make sure to bring your camera with you, because the scenery here is picture-perfect.

Big Lagoon, El Nido

Big Lagoon in Cebu-Palawan-Cebu Tour Small Lagoon

Small Lagoon in Palawan

Secret Lagoon, El Nido

Secret Lagoon in Palawan

Shimizu Island, El Nido

Shimizu Island in Palawan

7 Commando Beach, El Nido

7 Commandos Beach in Palawan

The next day, it is time for Island hopping in El Nido. You will first visit the Helicopter Island which has a helicopter shape. The next stop is the Matinloc Shrine, where you may explore and look for an adventure. After Matinloc Shine is a stop at the Secret Beach. Here, you’ll surely enjoy the waters and its breathtaking scenery. After unveiling the secret of El Nido, you will then proceed to Star Beach. Enjoy watching the marine creatures underneath. The last top will the Hidden Beach. You will then proceed to your hotel after this enjoyable Island Hopping. Also, enjoy the hotel and its services because you will already be leaving it the next day.

Helicopter Island

Helicopter Island in Cebu-Palawan Tour

Matinloc Shrine

Matinloc Shrine in Cebu-Palawan Tour

Secret Beach

Secret Beach in El Nido, Tour C Palawan

Star Beach

Star Beach in Cebu-Palawan

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach in Cebu-Palawan

On the next day, you have to prepare because you will be traveling to Puerta Princesa. In Puerto Princesa, you will then check-in at the Asturias Hotel because on that night you will have your dinner at Uwahig and experience Firefly watching and stargazing. Be mesmerized by how these fireflies can make your night beautiful.

Iwahig Firefly Watching

iwahig in Palawan

This is how amazing the fireflies look at night.

firefly watching in Palawan

Asturias Hotel

Asturias Hotel in Palawan

In the morning, you have to prepare again because you will have your underground river tour. Delve into Puerto Princesa’s famous Underground River and discover what is inside it. Lunch is also included in the tour.

Underground River in Palawan

The next day you will be staying in the hotel and enjoy the spots and activities that it has. On the 10th day of your Cebu-Palawan-Cebu Tour, prepare yourself because you will be going back to Cebu and will stay at Bayfront Hotel. In Cebu, you can shop for the things that you need and want because the hotel where you will be staying is just across the SM City Cebu ( one of the biggest malls in Cebu). Sure you’ll have a lot to shop in here. The next day, transport will be available to take you to the airport. You’ll really have lots of unforgettable memories to bring home.

Bayfront in Cebu

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