Here is some information about the Weather and Typhoons in the Philippines. This country is known as a tropical island only have two seasons, namely the:

  • dry season
  • wet season.

The dry season took place during November-May while the Wet season starts from June-October.

There are days during the dry season that the rain will pour but it won’t last long. It is also during this season that it is best to go to the beach because the sun shines brightly.

Wet season doesn’t mean there will be rainfall every day and all throughout the day. During the wet season, there will be light to heavy rainfall but it won’t last for 24 hours. Most of the time rainfall in the Philippines usually lasts for a few hours only.

The weather would always depend on your location in the country. Some part of the Philippines especially those in the highlands experiences a cool temperature most of the time.

Reasons why you should not be afraid of the Weather & Typhoons in the Philippines:

  • The Philippines is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire or Pacific Region near the equator have active Volcanoes. Making it prone to typhoons and earthquakes. These are not enough reasons for you to hinder yourself from visiting the country. In short, you don’t have to afraid of these.
  • When it comes to natural disasters, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration, or abbreviated as PAG-ASA ( a government institution of the Philippines) will disseminate a public advisory. They will tell if there are volcanoes about to erupt or forecast if there are any typhoons coming in the area.
  • They will also prohibit the tourists from visiting the place if there are any dangers waiting in the area. This is to maintain the safety of the guests.
  • The authorities assigned will cancel your flight going to your destination if there are any typhoons coming.
  • In times of typhoons or bad weather, not the whole country will experience it. Mostly, only a specific place in the Philippines will be affected.
  • If you cancel your vacation to that area due to the weather, you can go to the other magnificent destinations of the Philippines.
  • Every day, there will be a weather forecast. So, you’ll have enough time to change your plans.
  • For how many centuries now, Filipinos stood still with smiles on their faces -despite the different weather & typhoons that they have been. That will give you enough reason to visit the Philippines.

When planning for a vacation in the Philippines, you don’t have to worry about the weather as you can check it ahead of time. For this reason, you will have enough time to think about which dates you are going to travel to the country.

Rest assured, you have us to make your vacation more fun!