Have the best vacation you could ever have in this tour package. This Cebu – Bantayan Tour is a perfect combination of tourist destinations in Cebu. You surely will enjoy the beaches and other natural attractions here. Bantayan Island is blessed with pristine beaches and powdery white sands that paved its way to be known in the country. The beach here is the apple of every person’s eye and every Island lover’s favorite destination. Its magnificent scenery will make you fall in love with the place. Paired with Cebu being the Queen City of the South, that has so many natural and man-made wonders to offer to its tourists. Cebu being the top tourist destination in the country does not run out of unique sites for every tourist to visit.

Cebu – Bantayan – Cebu Tour

Day 1 Transfer to the hotel with a guide
Check-in at the Hotel
Day 2 Oslob-Aguinid-Simala tour
Day 3 Check out at the hotel
Travel to Bantayan
Arrival at Bantayan
Check-in at the resort
Day 4-9 Enjoy the Beach
Day 10 Check out at the resort
Travel to Cebu
Check-in at the Hotel
Day 11 Check out at the hotel

Eloisa Royal Suites

Here’s what will happen in your Cebu – Bantayan Tour. The day that you will arrive in Cebu, a driver and a guide will fetch you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. You will be staying at Eloisa Royal Suites. This hotel features a cozy and elegant ambiance located in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. The people here are very accommodating and welcoming so you’ll surely savor your moment here.

Eloisa Royal Suites in Cebu Tour

Oslob – Aguinid – Simala Tour

On the second day of your Cebu-Bantayan-Tour, you will be heading to Oslob and start your Oslob – Aguinid – Samboan Adventure. Oslob is where you can swim with the whale sharks and have a close encounter with them. Whale sharks are known to be the largest fishes on the planet. Imagine there are lots of them in Oslob. Isn’t it exciting?

Cebu - Bantayan Tour

The next stop would be the Aguinid Falls of Samboan which is only an hour away from Oslob. Refresh your mind and calm your soul here. This waterfall is enchanting that you will not want to leave the place anymore. The water above the rocks cascades through those big rocks before it falls in the area. Its cool waters are really refreshing complemented with those green plants.

Aguinid Falls in Cebu

After enjoying Aguinid Falls, you will then proceed to Simala Church. A palace looking holy place. This Church is very spacious and it does not look like a church at first glance. Here, you can see lots of devotees and statues of various saints. Inside, you can also find a cabinet with a glass door filled with stuff offered by devotees (whose prayers were granted).

Cebu - Bantayan Tour

Bantayan Island

After discovering Simala, you will then travel back to the hotel and prepare for another adventure the next day. On the 3rd day of your vacation, you will be traveling to the north of Cebu which will take a few hours but we’ll make your way there full of fun. When you are at the seaport already, you will take a ferry going to Bantayan Island. On Bantayan Island, you will stay at Kota Beach Resort. The resort provides quality service to their guests, to ensure that every tourist will be satisfied during their stay there. You will stay here for 8 days so savor the moment and enjoy the beach. Be overwhelmed with its crystal-clear waters and powdery white sands. You’ll surely have a great time here.

Cebu - Bantayan Tour

Cebu - Bantayan Tour

After exploring Bantayan Island, on the 10th day of your Cebu – Bantayan Tour, you will be going back to Cebu and will stay at the Bayfront Hotel in Cebu City. You will stay there for a night before your flight. This class hotel provides comfortable rooms that suit your preference. This is located across SM City Cebu (One of the biggest malls in Cebu) so you can just walk going to the mall and buy some stuff before going back home. The next day, transport will be available to transfer you to the airport. Have a safe flight then!

Bayfront in Cebu

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