Make your vacation worthwhile. Travel to these beautiful spots in the Philippines and have the best getaway. This Sagada-Boracay Tour is for you if you want an adventure while learning about the culture of the place. In Sagada, be ready to be mesmerized by its breathtaking sceneries and be amazed by the Igorot’s culture and tradition. In Boracay, prepare to have a sun-kissed skin and salty hair because you are going to have a tropical vacation here. Don’t let your rest days go to waste. Travel with us and let’s arrange your trip together!

Sagada-Boracay Tour

Day 1 Arrival at Banaue
Stopover at Banaue Rice Terraces View Point
Travel to Sagada
Check-in at the hotel
Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves Adventure
Day 2 Breakfast
Town Tour
Bomod-ok Falls
Lake Danum
Day 3 Kiltepan Peak
Departure to Baguio
Atok Highest Point
La Trinidad Strawberry Farm
Arrival at Manila
Check-in at the Hotel
Day 4 Check out at the Hotel
Transfer to the Airport
  Arrival at Boracay
Enjoy the beach
Day 5 Island Hopping
Day 6-10 Enjoy the Beach
Day 11 Check out at the hotel
Transfer to the airport


To start your Sagada-Boracay Tour, a transport will be available to pick you up at Banaue. It’s going to be a long-hours of travel so might as well enjoy the beautiful spots along the way. On your way to Sagada, there will be having a stopover at Banaue Rice Terraces View Point. Enjoy the fascinating view of the Terraces. Banaue Rice Terraces’ view is really picturesque. No wonder why you can usually see it on those postcards. After this stopover, the trip to Sagada will proceed. In Sagada, you will be staying at the most comfortable hotel.

Tourist attraction in the Philippines

After taking your lunch, you will be having a spelunking adventure. You will be visiting the famous Sumaguing Cave and Lumiang Burial Cave.

In Sumaguing Cave, expect that you are going to witness amazing karst formations. Yes, the limestone rock formation in this cave is worth the effort.

Sumaguing Cave in Sagada-Boracay Tour

Also, witness hundreds of centuries-old coffins inside Lumiang Burial Cave. Discover the story behind it and get to know more about the Igorot’s culture and tradition.

Lumiang Cave in Sagada-Boracay Tour

After this fun-filled spelunking, you will then go back to the hotel. Rest and store some energy as another adventure awaits the next day.

Saint Mary Church

The next day, you will have a tour of the Town of Sagada. The first stop will be the Saint Mary Church. The church stood with the people of Sagada as time passed by.
St. Mary Church in Sagada Tour

Hanging Coffins

The next stop would be the famous Hanging Coffins of Sagada. Coffins that were already there years ago. You are also going to explore the beautiful Echo Valley.

Hanging Coffins in Sagada-Boracay Tour

Echo Valley

Echo Valley in Sagada-Boracay Tour

After exploring the town of Sagada, you will then to the northern part of Sagada. A few minutes of travel and you will then arrive at the point where you will start the hike going to the famous Bomod-ok Falls.

Bomod-ok Falls

It’s going to be a long trek, so, the moment you arrive at the waterfall, lunch will be served. Sure, it’s exhausting but you’ll not regret it. Enjoy the view and the waterfall because you will then head back to the point where you started the hike.

Bomod -ok Falls in Sagada-Boracay Tour

A few minutes of travel from the northern part of Sagada and you will then arrive at the hotel. Take some rest first and freshen up because after a few hours you will then head to Lake Danum.

Lake Danum

Have a peaceful and relaxing getaway here at Sagada’s lake Danum. Watching the calmness of the lake would also calm your soul. Getting here is easy yet the view is still rewarding. The sunset here is beautiful too, so, don’t miss it. After some time relaxing in Lake Danum, you will then go back to the vehicle and explore the Town of Sagada. Buy some souvenirs and enjoy Sagada. After having dinner, you will then be transferred back to the Hotel.

Lake Danum in Sagada
After enjoying Lake Danum, you will then explore the town of Sagada again. Buy some souvenirs and have dinner.

Kiltepan View Point

The next day, have to wake up early because you will be heading to Kiltepan View Point. Start your day by witnessing the beautiful sunrise of Sagada. Also, make sure to enjoy the breakfast for this tour. Store some energy because you are going to have a long day of adventure. After the sunrise viewing, you will then head back to the hotel and prepare for your travel going to Manila.

Kiltepan View Point in Sagada-Boracay Tour

Atok Highest Point

On the 3rd day of your Sagada-Boracay Tour, you will already be leaving Sagada for Boracay. There will still be transport to transfer you to Manila. On your way there, you will be having a stopover at Atok Highest Point. Enjoy the view here and have a great time.

Atok Highest Point in Sagada-Boracay Tour

Strawberry Farm

Also on your way to Manila, you will pass by Baguio, you will be having lunch, and will be visiting the Strawberry Farm. Here, you can also buy some souvenirs. You will then continue your travel to Manila.

Strawberry Farm in Sagada-Boracay Tour

Upon arrival in Manila, you will stay first at Holiday Inn Express and prepare for your flight to Boracay the next day.

Accommodations in Manila


In Boracay, you will also be staying at the most comfortable hotel with a beachfront. You will also have the best time here. On the 5th day of your Sagada-Boracay Tour, you will be exploring the fascinating Islands of Boracay. And that would include the Puka Beach which is known for its white sand beach and puka shells which are abundant in the area.

Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast

Fairways and Bluewater Boracay, Philippines

Puka Beach

puka beach in Boracay

Crocodile Island

Next is Crocodile Island where you can witness some magnificent karst formations. Want to know why it is named Crocodile Island? Discover it yourself and be amazed.

crocodile island in Boracay

Crystal Cove

Your last stop for this tour would be sight-seeing at the captivating Crystal Cove of Boracay. There are spots here that you need to discover. After this, you will be heading back to the resort.

crystal-cove-island- in boracay

After this fun-filled Island Hopping, you have the rest of the days to enjoy the white sand beaches of Boracay. You will really enjoy this Sagada-Boracay Tour. So don’t think twice and choose this tour, book with us. On the 11th of your Sagada-Boracay Tour, you will be heading back to Manila.

Boracay Beach in Cebu-Boracay Tour

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