This Coron Island Tour will make you fall in love with Coron. This Island in Palawan is known for its completely amazing scenery. Every Island in Coron really looks like a paradise. For this tour, you are going to visit the equally beautiful spots of Coron. These Islands will surely leave you in awe.

So, let’s start your Coron Island Tour now!

We will start your Coron Island Tour by picking you up at your hotel with comfortable land transport and from there you will travel going to the port where you will ride a motorized boat. Sit back and relax because after you will be settled inside the boat, you will then head to the first Island destination included in this Tour.

Siete Pecados

Behind this perfect site for swimming, diving and snorkeling is a very mysterious story. A story that led to why it was named Siete Pecados. Know what this story is when you’ll get there and the decision is yours whether you’ll believe it or not. Don’t forget to enjoy this Island where you can also see seven small islands. Snorkeling here is perfect since it is rich in marine biodiversity.

Siete Pecados in Coron Island Tour

Kayangan Lake

The next stop is the “Cleanest Lake in Asia” or more commonly known as Kayangan Lake in Coron. The water here is crystal-clear that you can clearly see what is underneath the water. Its water is just so stunning to look at and would make you want to have a dip. Enjoy!

Kayangan Lake in Coron Island Tour

Twin Lagoon

After being amazed by Kayangan Lake’s crystal-clear waters, you will then head to the famous Twin Lagoon. A few minutes of travel and you will then witness its breathtaking scenery. As the boat docks at the first lagoon, you will see a towering karst formation. Behind these karst formations is where the second lagoon is located. To get there, you have to swim through the tiny opening at the bottom of the karst formations or you can also take the ladder located just above the tiny opening.

Twin Lagoon in Coron Island Tour

Dicantuman Beach

Next to Twin Lagoon is the Dicantuman Beach. A place where you can find serenity, enjoy the fresh air and its white-sand beaches. Free your mind from all the stress and worries. Be one with the waves!

Dicantuman Beach in Coron Island Tour

Tinutuan Beach

After enjoying the Dicantuman beach, the next stop will be Tinutuan Beach. This beach is just one of the unspoiled beaches in Coron. Here you can swim into its turquoise blue water and do sunbathing on its white sands. Savor the place because you will then head to Barracuda Lake after.

Barracuda Lake

This lake is a famous diving spot in Coron. The lake’s water is a layer of cold, warm and hot. Swimming here is really a unique experience knowing you get to swim into different water temperatures at the same time. Don’t forget to dive into the lake and see why it is known to be a famous diving spot.

Barracuda Lake in Coron Island Tour

Skeleton Wreck

Lastly, to happily end your Coron Island Tour, you will then head to the area where the skeleton wreck is located. A wreck that resembles history. This Skeleton Shipwreck is already visible the moment the boat will dock in the area but to make your Island Tour memorable, it is best to snorkel and explore the Wreck.

Skeleton Wreck in Coron Island Tour

After an unforgettable adventure at the Skeleton Wreck, you will then go back to the boat and head back to the port. At the port, transport will be available to take you back to your hotel.

You’ll really go back to your hotel with a happy face after this Coron Island Tour!

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