Top 5 tourist destinations in the Philippines

Planning your trip and cannot choose where to go? No problem, we will help you.

It all depends on your interests and what you wanna see. If you want to take a rest on the beach – go to Boracay and you can catch fun parties there. If you wanna get lost in paradise – you have to go to Palawan and Coron. Let’s see the top 5 destinations and you can choose a few for your first trip to the Philippines.


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One of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. Winner of many awards for the best beach in the world. Party island and at the same time – paradise place for a peaceful vacation.

Hundreds of hotels offer rooms for any budget. You can choose the best matching with your needs for service and comfort.

Dozens of bars waiting for you to give shots or rum-coke long drinks for your mood. Spend the night with island vibes.


This place will let you get lost in paradise. But before you will dive into lagoons, we advise you to pass by the Underground River. You will see the turquoise river in the huge Cave. Use your imagination to find sculptures made by the nature inside the darkness.

Top 5 destinations in the Philippines

After the river, you will need to ride a van to El Nido. It worth 6 hours of the mountain roads.

Here you will see all the places from the main ads of the Philippines. Lagoons, mountains, and rock formations mixed with amazing watercolors.

Cadlao Lagoon in El Nido, Tour D Palawan


One more amazing destination in the Philippines which will make you want to get lost again. A paradise for divers because reefs are so colorful and you can find here many shipwrecks.

Aside from great diving, Coron has amazing islands with luxury resorts and interesting island hopping tours. Also, Coron is a home for cuties Dugongs. You can swim with them in the sea.

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The second capital of the Philippines. Easy to arrive directly in Cebu and escape visiting Manila. So you can start your trip straight with adventures!

Whale sharks waiting for you every day from 6 to 11 am. You will never forget those gentle giants. You will swim with them in the open sea.

Panglao - Oslob Tour

After whale sharks experience you can visit Canyoneering. Several shots of adrenaline are guaranteed. You need to jump from the huge waterfalls to the blue lagoon. It’s safe. But still scary.


Bohol as well is one of the top destinations in the Philippines. First of all, because it is home to a little Tarsier. This animal is so small (12 cm maximum), but his eyes are so big… Just to see at night. Because they are the night hunters.

Bohol Tourism

And Chocolate hills the must-see destination. Those hills are not made of chocolate, but during the dry season (March to May) become brown in color.