Bohol has always been one of the Philippines ’ top tourist destinations. The people here are welcoming and that will really make your day and your Bohol Tour an unforgettable one. The smile on their faces is just one of the things that you will always remember even if you are not in Bohol anymore. You will definitely have a memorable vacation here! Especially, when you get to visit the magnificent natural wonders that Bohol has. Have the best Bohol Tour with us.

Your Bohol Tour starts here :

Blood Compact Shrine

Let’s start your Country Side Bohol Tour by going to Blood Compact Shrine. A place where you can find sculptures of five men gathering around, with a table in between, to celebrate the first Treaty of Friendship between the Spanish explorer and the Datu Sikatuna (Chieftain of Bohol).

sandugo shrine in Bohol Tour

Baclayon Church

The second stop is the Baclayon Church. Here, you can witness how devoted the people of Bohol are. This church is considered a “National Cultural Treasure” and was once included in the “UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List of the Philippines”. This old church is really a spot to visit and is included in your Bohol Tour.

baclayon church in Bohol Tour

Tarsier Sanctuary

Next spot, prepare yourself because you are about to meet the cutest creature that you may see in your entire life. Meet the ever-famous Tarsiers of Bohol. This is the smallest primate that you will see. Yes, they are small but they have big eyes. Interesting isn’t it?

tarsiers in Bohol Tour

Loboc’s Floating Restaurant

If you get hungry already then let’s go River cruising at Loboc’s Floating Restaurant. Yup, you eat while cruising the river. Isn’t it a wonderful experience? “Bon Appetit” and enjoy the river. Your lunch here is included in your Bohol Tour package.

river cruising in Bohol Tour

Hanging Bridge

Now let’s go on an adventure. Let’s visit the Hanging Bridge of Bohol. Fear of heights? Nah, conquer them here. You don’t have to worry because this bridge is safe. It is made of bamboo and steel cables which will make your experience here a fun-filled one.

Hanging-Bridge-at-Sevilla, Bohol Tour

Man-made Forest

If you want picture-perfect scenery then let’s go to Bohol’s Man-made Forest. Take pictures all you want here. Mind you, it will really be worth it. You can pose in the middle of the road and these trees beside the road will make your picture perfect!

Man-Made Forest in bohol Tour

Butterfly Garden

After this, strike another pose with the colorful butterflies at Bohol’s Butterfly Garden. They have here, different butterflies to brighten up your day. These beautiful creatures will make you want to borrow their wings.

Butterfly santuary in Bohol Tour

Chocolate Hills

Prepare for another picturesque view because Bohol’s Chocolate Hills is our next stop. This is one of the scenery Bohol is known for. Take time to appreciate this natural wonder and don’t forget to try the adventures waiting for you at its foothills. (Optional: ATV Adventure on the foothills of Chocolate Hills)

Chocolate Hills in Bohol Tour

Adventure at the foot of the hill…

foothills adventure in Bohol

Souvenir Shop

Lastly, to end your Bohol Tour Country Side adventure let’s drop by the Souvenir Shops. Buy everything you want and anything that will remind you of your travel experience.

souvenir shop in bohol

 Have the best Bohol Tour experience that you deserve. Travel with us!

Wanted to avail the tour but you are not staying in Bohol? We have an option for you. Your convenience is our priority.

If you are from Panglao: We can pick you up at Panglao and bring you back there after the tour.

From Cebu: We can book a ticket for you to go to Tagbilaran and back to Cebu. Booking hotels is possible if you want to. From there, we will pick you up to start the tour. After the tour, we can bring you back to the port or your hotel if you will be staying there.

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