Want to make your vacation memorable and stress-free?

The Philippines, by far, has become known worldwide because of its tourist attractions. In order to maintain its natural beauty, tourists (foreign or locals) should do their part as responsible travelers. Also, tourists should observe safety precautions to avoid any accidents. You can use mobile maps if you don’t want to get lost (or you can ask the locals in the area).  Here are lists of important information that you need to know before vising the country.


Important Information about Philippines

  • You can speak English in communicating with the locals since most of them can understand the language (you can really talk to Filipinos if you need help or have any concerns)
  • The best currency to bring into the Philippines is US Dollars and there are numbers of money changers in this country. Especially inside their malls.
  • There is an Airport Terminal Fee of approximately PHP750.00 or equivalent to $15
  • Be sure to bring your toilet papers with you always since most of the public toilets don’t have free toilet papers (just in case)
  • You can wear short shorts, skirts or dresses or anything (as long as no bikinis on the road)
  • When you are planning to do some snorkeling or cliff diving or the likes, remember to wear your aqua shoes as some corals or rocks underwater may give you cuts or bruises
  • Use the Globe sim card for easier communication while in the Philippines
  • Have a load of PHP50 equivalent to 1USD for a 3day surfing with unlimited texts (register by dialing *143#)
  • You can also have a load of PHP90 almost equivalent to 2USD for 7 days surfing with unlimited texts (register by dialing *143#)
  • Dial *143# for other options of their promos and check your remaining load balance
  • Respect their culture and traditions
  • Remember to be well mannered at all times

Important Information about Philippines

  • Do not flaunt your gadgets or any expensive things on the streets
  • Taking seashells by the seashore is prohibited (for some of these are protected by the government and bringing them are strictly prohibited)
  • Taking some sands on its beaches is also prohibited
  • Don’t touch the corals as some of them are poisonous
  • Respect each other’s religion
  • Do not smoke in public areas
  • Don’t forget to visit its magnificent wonders
If you bear this important information in mind, sure, you’ll have the best time in the Philippines!