If you want to make your Palawan getaway filled with so much fun and adventure then you should include El Nido, Tour C on your itinerary. Included in this tour package are also the best Island destinations in El Nido. Stunning Islands that will make your vacation in Palawan worth to remember. El Nido really holds so many natural tourist spots. This is a place where you’ll find so much happiness and have the best vacation you could ever have. Savor the adventure that you are going to experience in this tour package and have the best time of your life!

So, to start you El Nido, Tour C, we will be picking you up at your hotel and travel to the port where you will ride a motorized boat. If everything is settled already, you will then head to your first destination.

The spots that you are going to explore in El Nido, Tour C

Helicopter Island

Just a few minutes boat ride and you will then arrive at the Helicopter Island of El Nido. No, you are not going to ride a helicopter on this Island. This Island’s name is Dilumacad Island but due to the helicopter shape of the Island, people call it Helicopter Island. While you are approaching the Island, you will witness its amazing helicopter shape. The moment that you arrive on the Island, perfect tropical scenery is what you’ll see.

Helicopter Island in El Nido, Tour C Palawan

What makes it perfect? Its fine sands, rock formations, tropical plants, and emerald green beaches are just some of the reasons why.

Helicopter Island in El Nido, Tour C Palawan

Matinloc Shrine

After enjoying the helicopter Island, you will then head to Matinloc Shrine. Aside from its white beach, different limestone rock formations are what you’ll notice here the most. These rock formations look like they just raised from the bottom of the sea. You can also find in this shrine, some religious sculptures. You also can explore the abandoned places of Matinloc Shrine and know the story behind them. There is a spot here where you can climb and have a perfect view of the Island and it really is picture-perfect. After exploring the Matinloc Shrine, just a few minutes away is an Island where you’ll have a sumptuous lunch.

Matinloc Shrine in El Nido, Tour C Palawan

The port in Matinloc ShrineMAtinloc Shrine in El Nido, Tour C Palawan

Secret Beach

After having lunch and stocking energy, you will then head to the Secret Beach of El Nido. It is referred to as Secret Beach because you will not instantly see it. The beach is located in the middle of the towering limestone rock formation. In able to access this Secret Beach, you have to swim through the tiny opening at the bottom of the rock formation. Know what it feels like when you’ll get there.

Secret Beach in El Nido, Tour C Palawan

The Secret Beach itself

Secret Beach in El Nido, Tour C
Star Beach

The glass-like water of this beach is so tempting that it will you want to hop out of the boat immediately. Snorkeling is perfect here, knowing it is rich in marine life. There are lots that you can discover in its water. So, take time to have a great moment snorkeling on this beach.

Star Beach in El Nido, Tour C Palawan
Hidden Beach

To happily end your El Nido, Tour C, you will then head to Hidden Beach. Prepare for some adventure and stretch up your muscles because you are going to have a long swim. A long swim going to the Hidden Beach. Going to this beach, all that you’ll see are the rock formations, and will wonder where the Hidden Beach is. The boat will dock near the rock formations and the boatman will tell you to swim. And that’s is how you’ll witness the beauty of the Hidden Beach. Yes, it is really hidden. On your way to swimming to the hidden beach, you can do some snorkeling. Enjoy what is underneath and you will not notice, you are already at Hidden Beach. The enchanting beauty of the beach will make you say that it’s worth the swim. Enjoy Hidden Beach!

Hidden Beach in El Nido, Tour C Palawan

After exploring the beach, you will then swim again back to the boat and start your way back home. Sure, you are going to love this tour! At the port, transport will be available to take you back to your hotel.

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