A twin destination that would give you the best tropical vacation. This Cebu – Boracay Tour Package will surely become your favorite. I mean, who would have not loved the white sands and crystal-clear beaches of Boracay? You’ll really have a great time in these places. In this tour package, you are going to visit the magnificent wonders of Cebu and Boracay.

Have a close encounter with Cebu’s gigantic Whale Sharks. Breathe in some fresh air and refresh your mind at Cebu’s Waterfalls. Also, witness Cebu’s palace looking church. Yup, there is so much that you need to discover in Cebu. How about Boracay? Well, it is known for its white-sand beaches. Aside from its white-sand beaches, there are also lots of activities in this place that you need to experience. So, what are you waiting for? Book your vacation now!

Cebu – Boracay – Cebu Tour

Day 1 Transfer to the Hotel
Check-in at the Hotel
Day 2 Oslob-Agunid-Simala Tour
Day 3 Check out at the Hotel
Travel to Boracay
Check-in at the Hotel
Days 4 Island Hopping
Day 5- 9 Enjoy the Beach
Day 10 Check out at the Hotel
Travel to Cebu
Check-in at the hotel in Cebu
Day 11 Transfer to the Airport

To start your Cebu-Boracay Tour, the resort’s shuttle will fetch you up at the airport and transfer you to the resort. Whatever resort that you will choose, sure, you’ll have the most comfortable stay. We always make sure that the resort where you will be staying, will give you the best accommodation. You don’t have to worry because the hotel staff here are welcoming.

Plantation Bay Resort & SpaBest Hotels in Cebu, Philippines

The next day, you will then have your Oslob – Aguinid – Simala Tour. The travel here will take a few hours but there are lots that you will discover along the way.

Cebu Bridge in Cebu-Boracay Tour

Oslob – Aguinid – Simala Tour

Your first stop will be in Oslob, where you’ll have a close encounter with the biggest fish species in the world. Yes, you read it right, the largest fish can be seen in Oslob. Prepare yourself because you will have a close encounter with the Whale Sharks. You can also make a perfect picture with them since these creatures are slow-moving. Have a great time with the Whale Sharks then!

Next stop, Aguinid Falls of Samboan. It’s time to refresh after the Oslob adventure. From soaking your body in the saltwater to soaking your body in the freshwater. Here, you’ll have peace of mind. Let the relaxing sound and enchanting beauty of nature take away your worries. Make your soul happy and enjoy the waterfall.

Aguinid Falls in Cebu

Lastly, be holy at this palace looking Simala Church of Cebu. This shrine is spacious enough to accommodate the thousands of devotees coming in the place every day. This place was built in honor of the Miraculous Virgin Mary of Simala. A lot of things can be seen inside the church. These things are offered by the devotees whose prayers are answered. The things are enclosed in a glass cabinet and you can see what these are when you visit the place. After this tour, you will be heading back to the resort.

Simala shrine in Cebu


The next day, for the second part of your Cebu-Boracay Tour, you will be traveling to Boracay. The travel time is going to Caticlan, Boracay from Cebu will take only an hour or an hour and a half via Air Transport. When you arrive in Caticlan already, you are going to ride a Ferry Boat going to Boracay. From the Pier, transport will be available to take to the best Hotel where you will be staying.

The Lind Hotel

Best Hotel in Boracay, Philippines

Island Hopping

In Boracay, you will be staying in a comfortable hotel also. On the 4th day of your Cebu-Boracay Tour, you will go Island hopping. The first stop for your Island hopping will be Puka Beach. A less crowded beach featuring a long stretch of white sands and clear beaches. Puka seashells can also be found here and are the reason why it is called Puka Beach.

puka beach in Boracay

After Puka Beach, the next stop will be Crocodile Island. Coming closer to the island, you will see that it really looks like a giant crocodile. That is where the island’s name is derived from. Here, you can do some snorkeling because there are lots to discover underneath. After Crocodile Island, you will be going to have a sumptuous lunch.

crocodile island in Boracay

The next destination after your lunch will be Crystal Cove. Explore how amazing this spot is. Discover what are the wonders here that kept on attracting a lot of tourists. After this enjoyable Island hopping, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Crystal Cove in Cebu-Boracay

After this tour, you have the rest of the days to enjoy the beach. On the 10th day of your Cebu-Boracay Tour, you will be traveling back to Cebu and check-in at the hotel. You can also shop for some souvenirs on your last day in Cebu. On your 11th day, transport will be available to transfer you to the Pier. From there, you will ride a Ferry Boat going to Caticlan where the Airport is located. The moment that you will arrive in Cebu, a transfer will be available again to take you to your hotel where you will stay before your flight going back home.

Boracay Beach in Cebu-Boracay Tour

Have the best Cebu – Boracay Tour experience with us!

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