This Coron Reef & Wrecks Tour is a must-try adventure. If you want to make your vacation worthwhile then you should consider visiting Coron. Coron is beyond blessed with beautiful islands, lagoons, lakes, beaches, and even other types of tourist spots. So, for this tour, you are going to experience the best activities in Coron. These destinations are just way too impossible to come true. Prepare for unforgettable diving, swimming, and snorkeling. This is an escape from the land and that will make you want to go back and explore Coron even more.

For this Reef & Wrecks Adventure, here are the best Islands in Coron that you are going to visit.

Pass Island

An island where you can be at peace and just enjoy your vacation. Its stretch of white sands and turquoise blue water makes a perfect beachscape. Here, you can do lots of water activities. School of fishes, amazing coral reefs, and more marine life can be seen here. It’s just a great place to start your Tour and will make you think that it’s the best destination for your tour… but wait, there’s more.

Pass Island in Coron

Sangat Coral Garden

Sangat Coral Garden really looks like the beautiful garden that we see on land -with colorful flowers, green plants, and everything there is that looks pleasant to the eyes. The only difference is, Sangat’s beautiful garden is located underwater and its flowers are colorful corals with a school of fishes. You’ll really not notice that you have been into the water for so long already because this garden is just abundant in terms of marine life. Marine life that will entertain you and will make your snorkeling experience a perfect one.

Reef & Wrecks Tour in Coron

Lusong Gunboat (Japanese Ship Wreck)

World War II has been one of the most significant events in history known around the world. One of the places where you can find some artifacts of World War II is Coron. On this Island, you can witness a lot of Shipwrecks that would make you have a glimpse of what happened during the War. Lusong Gunboat is just one of these shipwrecks that you would want to explore. This Gunboat in Lusong is believed to be just one of the Gunboats used by the Japanese during the war. This will make you want to dive.

Lusong Gunboat in Coron

After exploring the Gunboat, you will then go back to the boat and head back to the port. At the port, transport will be available to take you back to your hotel. Coron Reef & Wrecks is one of the best things to do in this place!

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