El Nido, Tour D features the unique beaches and lagoon that one may explore in El Nido. This is perfect for those who wants to enjoy the beaches in El Nido. You may pair this also with the other packages to make the most of your vacation in Palawan. The beaches that you are going to explore for this tour will be those that are worthy to be in. Crystal clear waters and long stretch of powdery white sands? Well, this El Nido Tour D has it all. Avail this tour package and make your vacation in Palawan unforgettable! Contact us for an easy travel!

This how your El Nido Tour D will start

To start your El Nido Tour D, a transport will be available to pick you up at your hotel and will transfer you at the port. It is there that you’ll ride a motorized boat and head to the beautiful destinations of El Nido.

Ipil Beach

First stop will be the Ipil Beach. An alluring beach that is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Here, you can have peace of mind and let the sounds of nature relax your mind. Sunbathing on its white sands looks so perfect. Or you can also stay under the shade of the trees. You’ll have so much time for yourself here.

Ipil Beach in El Nido, Tour D Palawan

Cadlao Lagoon

Next stop will be the Cadlao Lagoon in Cadlao Island. Cadlao Island is the largest Island in El Nido. It holds so many wonders that you won’t believe, it would fit in just one Island. Cadlao Lagoon is just one of its beautiful spots. Cadlao lagoon holds a turquoise blue water surrounded with amazing karst formations. This lagoon is also perfect for snorkeling. School of fishes and different kind of corals are present underneath. Even swimming in the lagoon is already enjoyable.

Cadlao Lagoon in El Nido, Tour D Palawan

Paradise Beach

You will be heading to Paradise Beach after. Breathe in some fresh air and have the best tropical get away in this Paradise Beach of El Nido. This is included in your El Nido Tour D to simply make you witness of its magnificent beauty. After exploring this Island, you will then have your lunch and head to your next destination after.

 in El Nido, Tour D Palawan

Pasandigan Beach

After having a great time at the Paradise Beach, you will then have your lunch and head to your next destination after. Pasandigan Beach is where you can do a lot of water activities. This beach has lots of palm trees which compliment its crystal-clear waters and white sand, making a perfect tropical scenery.

Pasandigan Beach in El Nido, Tour D

NatNat Beach

You’ll love the untouched scenery of this Nat-Nat Beach in Cadlao Island. The beach is uncrowded so you’ll have enough space for your self. You’ll have enough time to enjoy its glass-like beach and its sand. Its scenery looks like the beach is being separated from the forest because of the limestone rock formation that serves as its boundary.

NatNat Beach in El Nido, Tour D Palawan

Bukal Beach

Next to Nat-Nat Beach will be the Bukal Beach. This will be the last stop for your El Nido Tour D. This beach is simply amazing. It also has white sands and clear beaches. Aside from that, while you are relaxing at the sands, a perfect view of nature is what you’ll see across. Find serenity in this place!

Bukal Beach in El Nido, Tour D Palawan

After having a great time, its time to go back to the boat and travel back to the port. At the port, a transport will be available to take you back to the hotel. Sure, you’ll have lots of experience to keep.

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