Honda Bay’s Islands is made for everyone to explore. In this tour package, you are going to explore three Islands. Each of this Island has its own beautiful feature that makes it unique. These Islands are also well-known in Puerto Princesa because of its majestic looks. Honday Bay will give you the best tropical getaway. The pristine and white sand beaches of Honda Bay will make you want to live there. You will really love how amazing these Islands are. So, when in Palawan, don’t forget to try this Honda Island Hopping.

We will start your Honda Bay Island Hopping by fetching you at your hotel. The travel going to the port will take a few minutes. Once you arrive there, a boat will be available to take you to the spectacular Islands.

Let us start your Honda Bay Island Hopping now!

Luli Island

Luli Island will be the first Island that you are going to explore. An alluring Island that is a great starter for your Island Hopping. This Island’s sandbar sinks during high tide and is visible during low tide. That is also how it got its name. Its broad sandbar is very attractive and will make you want to stay there the whole time. Swimming here is also a nice thing to do. How about playing under the sun? Yep, that’s possible here too!

Luli Island in Palawan

Cowrie Island

This will be your second stop for your Honda Bay Island Hopping. Cowrie Island has a wide stretch of fine sands and crystal-clear waters. This is a great place to engage yourself into and forget about all the worries. There are a lot of water activities here that will make you want to enjoy the place. The food here is so delectable too! So have a taste and enjoy.

Cowrie Island in Palawan

Starfish Island

As its name implies, this island is abundant of starfish. Not only that its water is clear and its sands are powdery, its starfish are also entertaining. They have here different types of starfish with different colors. Starfish Island also has a sandbar where you will love to stay into. After having  great time basking your self under the sun, its time to go back to the port. From there, a transport will be available to take you back to your hotel.

Starfish Island in Honda Bay Island Hopping

Travel with us and we’ll arrange this trip for you !

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