Explore the magnificent spots of Coron in an exciting way. What this Coron Island Hopping via Speedboat has? For this tour, you are going to ride in a speedboat which will minimize your travel time to the islands and loaded with lots of fun. The advantage of riding in a speedboat is that you’ll have more time to explore the destinations since the time of traveling from one destination to another will be lessened. Plus, the boat ride itself will give you lots of unexpected emotions.

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Transport will be available to pick you up at your hotel and take you to the port where you will hop in the speedboat. From the port, if everything is settled already, you will travel to the first destination.
Here are the best destinations in Coron that you are going to explore on your Island Hopping via Speedboat

Kayangan Lake

Known to be “Asia’s Cleanest Lake” and is commonly known as Kayangan Lake in Coron. Here, you can witness a very clean and clear lake. You can clearly see what is underneath the water even without wearing some gears. You’ll really have a great time swimming in this lake.

Kayangan Lake in Coron Island Hopping via Speedboat

Twin Lagoon

The famous Twin Lagoon of Coron is really worth to explore. It was named Twin Lagoon because it composes of two lagoons separated by towering limestone rock formations. The first lagoon is where the boat docks and also where you will disembark from the boat and from there, you have to swim to the entrance of the second lagoon. At the bottom of the limestone rock formations is a tiny opening which you can pass through swimming and experience the second lagoon. Also, another way to enter the second lagoon is by using the ladder just above the tiny opening. Whatever entrance you choose, you will end up seeing a beautiful lagoon.

Kayangan Lake in Coron Island Hopping via Speedboat

Dicantuman Beach

Experience tranquility in this place. This beach features a very relaxing beachscape. Perfect for some swimming and bonding with the people you are with. Feel like you are in your own private place enjoying a tropical getaway.

Dicantuman Beach in Coron

Tinutuan Beach

The beach place that you would love to be in. Turquoise blue water and a stretch of powdery white sands make it a superb beachscape. Enjoy this untouched beach of Coron!

Balinsasayaw Fish Cage

Balinsasayaw Fish Cage is just as unique as its name implies. There’s a cage on the waters…

Balinsasayaw Fish Cage in Coron Island Hopping Vis Speedboat

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