Cliff diving, waterfalls climbing, sliding through those rocks, pass through small caves, trekking and swimming. Want to try all these adventures at once? Then you should try canyoneering in Cebu. If you are an adventure seeker at heart then you should try this one. Let’s see if you can do it. Test your adrenaline and endurance.

Canyoneering in Cebu

This is one of the best-selling activities in Cebu. Also, there will be guides that will help you with the adventure and will cheer you up when you feel like giving up. Cheering you up because there is no other way out. I mean there is but you’ll have to walk through a lot of kilometers so might as well finish the adventure. Just trust your life vest and the people you are with. It will be fun!

Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu

To start off, a driver and a guide will pick you up at your hotel and you will then head to Badian. When at the registration area already, you need to sign a waiver and wear your gears. Brace yourself because the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin. Don’t forget to ask opinions to your tour guide for safety purposes. Also, wear some aqua shoes to make your adventure even more comfortable.

So here are the things that you will experience in your Canyoneering in Badian


You have to rappel down some cliffs in order to reach the spot where you can jump into the waters. You have to rappel down so it would be easier to jump off into the waters.

Rapelling in Badian Canyoneering

Rock sliding

There are times when you need to slide through those rocks because it is the only way to get down.

Rock sliding in Badian Canyoneering

This looks interesting, right?

Rock sliding in Badian Canyoonering

Cliff Jumping

Prepare to jump into short and tall waterfalls and oh! you have to jump a 50 feet cliff. Yes, it’s really high and it’s the most exciting part.

Cliff jumping in Badian Canyoneering

Can you do it?

Cliff jumping in Badian Canyoneering

Pass through small caves

Part of your Canyoneering activity will be passing through small caves so that you can go to the other destinations.

Caves in Badian Canyoneering


Walking through those big rocks filled with water will never be as exciting as this one. You will really feel the adventure even if you are just walking.

Trekking in Badian Canyoneering


Of course, there will times that you have to swim going to another destination where you’ll have another adventure again. You don’t need to exert too much effort because you have a life jacket and it is much easier if you will just float and let the water take you there.

Swimming in Badian Canyoneering


There are also times that you have to climb or you to have to use the ladder in the area to reach another destination. The exciting part is, the climb won’t be as easy as you think since the ladder or the rock where you have to climb through is slippery.

Climbing in Badian Canyoneering

Bamboo Rafting

When you reach Kawasan Falls already there is a thing floating there which is made of bamboo. You can ride that one and let the cascading waters of Kawasan Falls massage your body.

Bamboo Rafting in Canyoneering Badian

This adventure will take 3-4 hours and its last stop would be at the majestic Kawasan Falls of  Badian. Prepare to be amazed by its turquoise blue waters along the way.

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