Island of Fire

The Mystical Island of Siquijor will leave you enchanted. There are tons of tourist spots here that you need to explore. Siquijor is just a small Island located in Visayas (one of the Islands composing the Philippines). This place is known to be mystical because people believe that there are witchcrafts and sorcerers living here. Is it true? Well, it’s for you to know when you’ll get there. When it comes to world-class destinations, Siquijor has so much to offer. From its pristine beaches up to its high mountains, you’ll fall in love with its unspoiled beauty. Be amazed by how nature can look so beautiful. If you are interested to visit Siquijor, contact us so we can plan your trip together. Sure, you’ll have the best time here.

Places to visit in Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach

The crystal-clear waters and long stretch of white sands look so attractive here. Have a visit to Siquijor’s Salagdoong Beach Resort and have fun under the sun. Have peace of mind here just by enjoying the beach. Oh! Don’t forget to try cliff diving here since it is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do here.

Salagdoon Beach Siquijor

Salagdoong  Forest

Pass by this forest on your way to Salagdoong Beach Resort. Salagdoong Forest Reserve is a man-made tourist spot in Siquijor. The trees are like soldiers greeting and welcoming you to the treasure that they are guarding which is the Salagdoong Beach Resort. The trees are aligned beside the road while their upper parts are bending towards the road. Now, how amazing is that?

salagdoong forest in Siquijor

Solangon Beach

Swim at one of the best beaches here in Siquijor. This beach has white powdery sands and turquoise blue waters waiting for you to come. Its classy yet natural look is one of the reasons why it is Siquijor’s best beach destination.

solangon-beach in Siquijor

Guiwanon Spring Park

Its serene ambiance will give you the best part of your travel. You would love to stay in this place. Fulfill your childhood dream (wherein you would love to live in a treehouse) here because they have rooms here surrounded by plants. Also, the bridges going to the rooms are made of woods so it’s a little bit of adventure to think.

guiwanon spring park in Siquijor

Capilay Spring Park

This well-maintained spring park is where you would want to swim and relax the whole day. It looks like a man-made pool at first glance but it is not. The waters here are natural coming from the trees in the area and it is also free-flowing. It just looks like a pool because it is cemented. You’ll have the best time swimming here for sure.

capilay spring park in Siquijor

Old Enchanted Balete Tree

Balete trees are known to be mysterious in the Philippines. People think that there are supernatural creatures (ghosts) living in the tree. When you visit Siquijor have time to witness this very old yet good-looking rooted tree. The best part here is the free fish spa. Yep, you can experience this fish spa for free. Just dip your foot (or whatever you want) into the waters and let the fishes living in this Balete Tree massage you.

old enchanted balete tree in Siquijor

Kagusuan Beach

Have a beach holiday at this place. By holiday I mean, a day filled with good memories. Here, you can have the best time, do some fun activities that would take your stress, or just enjoy the enticing waters of this beach.

kagusuan beach in Siquijor

Paliton Beach

Paliton is the beach known as the little Boracay of Siquijor. Stay at this beach and you surely would have the best time, not to mention the Boracay feels that you’ll experience here. Its clean waters and white sands are paired perfectly for everyone who loves to swim. Also, this is the place where you can have a magnificent view of the sunset. Make sure to witness it because it’s one of the best things that you can do here.

paliton beach in Siquijor

Cang Iping Beach

Its chill ambiance will also calm your soul. Here, you can have peace of mind and enjoy the beach as it is. Blessed with a long stretch of white sands and crystal-clear waters, it will surely boost your mood. Have the best time swimming here and make sure to leave no trace.

cangiping beach in Siquijor

Mt. Bandilaan National Park

The highest peak located in the middle of Siquijor. This peak is towering 557 meters above sea level. Climbing here isn’t as hard as you think it is. Along the way, you will see different spots that will catch your attention. Some of these spots are used by the faith healer in the area. They use it as their spot in making their rituals in order for their medicines to be effective. Truly, this park is fascinating.

mt. bandilaan in Siquijor

Maria Bay

Take some time to visit the picturesque scenery of Siquijor. Not only that it is picturesque, but this place is also great for diving and swimming. Its crystal-clear waters will tempt you to have a dip. This place is not commercialized so you would really appreciate its natural and untouched beauty.

Maria bay in Siquijor

Lazi Church

The architectural design of this church is amazing. Its walls are made of sea stones but its floor is made of woods. This is the largest and oldest church in Siquijor. This is also a famous tourist spot in Siquijor.

lazi church in Siquijor


Siquijor Island is surrounded by bodies of water so it obviously is reached in diverse aquatic resources. Aquatic resources that would surely entertain you while you are snorkeling. Some of the marine sanctuaries that you might want to visit are the following:

Tulapos Marine Sanctuary – A great place to enjoy the waters and enjoy the treasures underneath. A place where you will not notice how long you already snorkeled because the mangroves and other marine life here are very entertaining to look at.

Tulapos marine sanctuary in Siquijor

Caticugan Marine Sanctuary – Have a lovely day in this place and discover the school of fishes that you may see in the area.

caticugan marine sanctuary in siquijor

Tubod Marine Sanctuary – This is one of the best places to snorkel in Siquijor. Be sure to visit this place if you want to make your snorkeling experience memorable.

tubod marine sanctuaries in Siquijor

Butterfly Sanctuary- Have a visit here and see various kinds of colorful butterflies. The butterflies here are too lovely to look at so better prepare yourself.

Butterfly Sanctuary in Siquijor


Cambuhagay Falls

This waterfall has three cascading levels of falls and each of them is worth you to explore. This famous attraction in Siquijor will make your adventurous-self happy.

Cambuhagay falls in Siquijor

Lugnason Falls

This waterfall looks like one of those man-made pools (with a showering effect) that you can find in luxurious hotels. Only that, this stunning waterfall is natural.

lugnason falls in Siquijor

Cangbangag Falls- This waterfall maybe just all you need because its enchanting beauty is so satisfying to look at.

cangbangag falls in Siquijor

Locong Falls- Looks that are deceiving and inviting you for an adventure. You surely would include Locong Falls in your favorite destination.

Locong falls in siquijor

La-gaan Falls-  just small water that is willing to quench your thirsty adventurous soul. Have you tried swinging in the waterfall? Then try that here.

lagaan falls in Siquijor


Siquijor has lots of caves waiting for you to explore. These caves have unique features that make them distinct from one another. Some of these caves are the following:

Ilihan Cave – This cave will make you think twice if you’ll get inside or not because its entrance looks like a coffin. You’ll get inside anyway because there is so much to explore inside it.

ilihan cave in Siquijor

Cantabon Cave- a stunning cave that requires a little adventure before you will be able to witness majestic beauty. Exploring this cave is an adventure that you will not forget. Cantabon-Cave in Siquijor

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