Where to go on holiday? Want to experience Paradise? Want to experience how it feels like to be in a world-class destination? Palawan is every traveler’s favorite destination. This is a place where you can break free. Palawan is where you should be. The Natural Wonders of Palawan will make you fall in love with the place.

Be amazed by its natural rock formations and see how “perfect” it looks like here. There is so much to do in Palawan. There are too many destinations in this place that you don’t want to miss.

 Don’t worry about not knowing what to do. You have us to make your trip to this Paradise an unforgettable one! Allow us to arrange your trip to avoid stress. We promise you that you’ll have the best vacation ever! You will really visit this place over and over again.

Places To Visit in Palawan

Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park

(Underground River of Puerto Princesa)

You will not easily believe how enchanting this place is. Being able to cruise the river inside a cave is something you will not forget.

Located in the capital city of Palawan. This site was included in the 7 Wonders of Nature. Yep, this place is really a world-class destination. As Palawan is surrounded by lots of gigantic limestone rock formation covered with green plants, who would have thought that under it, is an enchanting cave. A cave that contains a lot of wonders for you to explore.

Inside this cave is where the river flows the reason why it is called The Underground river. The waters from here flow directly into the sea. You are going to ride a boat while exploring the underground river. There you are going to find some marine creatures, different rock formations, and is it possible for a waterfall to be located inside a cave? Yes, it is.

But wait there’s more! There are also lots of bats inside the cave. Amazing isn’t it? Everyone who has been in Palawan will sure have a lot of stories about their experience here.

Underground River in Palawan

Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa

If you want to go Island Hopping then Honda Bay is the best choice. Traveling to Honda Bay might take half of an hour or more but you will see a lot of views along the way. Don’t forget to bring the things that you need during your Island Hopping. Pandan Island, Snake Island, Luli Island, Starfish, Cowrie Island, and Dos Palmas Island are just some of the Islands that surround Honda Bay. These are just also some Islands in Honda Bay that you may want to visit in Honda Bay and that would definitely depend on the arrangement that you and your tour guide have. So make sure to ask your tour guide to bring you to these beautiful islands. You’ll really have the best island hopping experience.

Honda Bay in Palawan

Big Lagoon, El Nido Palawan

Don’t forget to try kayaking or riding a boat in the Big Lagoon of El Nido, Palawan.

I told you that there is so much to do in Palawan. As proof, how about some tour on their famous Lagoon. This Big Lagoon is also surrounded by gigantic limestone rock formations. Riding a boat while exploring the Lagoon is a fun experience.

This lagoon’s clear waters are also rich when it comes to aquatic creatures. Sea snakes and sea turtles can be found here too. Big Lagoon’s beauty is worth your attention. This place is too beautiful to come true. Words are not even enough to describe it. Just look at these pictures. Wouldn’t you want to be in this fascinating Lagoon?

Big Lagoon in Palawan

Marine Reserve Park, El Nido

Connect with Nature in this captivating site of El Nido

In this beautiful spot, you will be able to explore a lot about nature and know why you should take good care of it. This place is rich in rain forests, white sand beaches, coral reefs, mangroves, and stone cliffs. All of these are in this place.

You cannot always see rain-forests now, especially when you are living in the City. The different forms of coral reefs and mangroves here are way too attractive. In this place, the natural wonders are well taken care of to preserve its natural beauty. Have an escape from reality and let the natural wonders of nature entertain your eyes. These are the things that are worthy to be part of your travel experience.

Marine Reserve Park in Palawan

Entulala Island, El Nido

This may be a private island but it is still possible to visit the place. Its crystal clear waters and white sand is truly splendid. It is every beach lover’s favorite destination. It is where you can relax and cool down your mind. Staying under the sun and hearing the sounds of the waves have never been this relaxing. You can also do snorkeling here and it surely will make your day because there are lots of marine life that you will see underwater. You don’t have to worry about your meal because the food here is mouthwatering. These are just some of the things that would make you want to stay on the island.

Entulala Island in Palawan

Secret Lagoon Beach in Matinloc, El Nido, Palawan

Discover the Secret of Palawan

The Island is already jaw-dropping to look at from afar, that is how beautiful it is. How much more when you already arrive there. Everyone’s talking about the secret that this island has. Yep, Palawan has a secret. And this secret is open for everyone to discover.

Why is it called a Secret Lagoon? Well, It is located behind those gigantic rock formations that surround the island. For you to witness this amazing Lagoon. You have to crawl under those big rock’s tiny opening to discover the beauty of this secret Lagoon. Who would have thought that these beautiful limestone formations are where you can find a place that is even more beautiful. It is a paradise only meant for those who are willing to see it. It is a paradise meant for an explorer like you.

Secret Lagoon in Palawan

Small Lagoon, El Nido

This lagoon just small but it is also capable of making its tourist amazed by its beauty. It is still surrounded by limestone formation and oh! What a captivating scenery it is. You can do swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling here. You can also find different kinds of marine creatures here. Be sure to try all these activities because it is absolutely fun.

Small Lagoon in Palawan

If you don’t want to end your vacation without going to the beach, then here are some beaches for you to choose, when you are in Palawan. Don’t worry because whatever you choose, you surely won’t regret your decision!

Nacpan Beach, El Nido

Described by some as one of the beautiful beaches in El Nido with its powdery sand and crystal clear waters.

Small Lagoon in Palawan

Las Cabanas, Beach Resort, El Nido

A sandy beach covered with palm trees. A very nice spot to witness the beautiful sunset which is known of. Also, there are bars and restaurants here where you can chill out.

Las Cabanas in Palawan

Hidden Beach, El Nido

Be surprised with what this beach has to offer. It is located in between those two giant limestone rocks. The water is so clear and clean. If you don’t know how to swim, you got to trust your life jacket!

Hidden Beach in Palawan

Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa

Fine Sands, fresh air, and crystal clear waters are what Sabang beach has. It is a place for someone who wants to relax and stay away from the bustling sounds of the City.

Sabang Beaach in Palawan

Nagtabon Beach, Puerto Princesa

A beach that is not crowded. A place where you can really enjoy the beach. There are no facilities here yet, don’t have restaurants or cafes yet but there are small stores selling some foods. This beach not yet commercialized yet.

Nagtabon Beach in Palawan

Payong-Payong Beach, El Nido

A day on this beach is not enough because of its beautiful rock formations, white sand, and crystal clear waters. You wouldn’t believe it yourself that this beach really existed in real life. The place is just so picture-perfect.

Payong-Payong Beach in Palawan

7 Commando Beach, El Nido

Play under the sun and stay on this beach all day long! Enjoy the sounds of the trees being blown by the air and discover why it is named 7 commandos.

7 Commandos Beach in Palawan

Ipil Beach, El Nido

A quiet and peaceful place to be in. How about a sip of coconut juice while relaxing? Come here then!

7 Commandos Beach in Palawan

Ugong Rock, Puerto Princesa Palawan

If you wanted some adventure and feel that adrenaline rush, then you have to go to Ugong Rock. This place is also a famous tourist destination in Palawan. This is also a beautiful place to have fun and prepare your body for lots of activities. Here you can go caving, climbing, and zipline.

Experience their caving adventure and go through those caves without fear. Also, if you are brave enough, you can try their zipline where you can choose what position would like. You can choose whether you want a sitting position while ziplining or do the superman position. It’s like imitating superman’s way of flying. Be there and experience, explore, and know the story behind this beautiful destination!

Ugong Rock Adventure inn Palawan

Palawan Crocodile Farm, Puerto Princesa

Palawan’s Crocodile farm should be included in your itinerary.

A quick visit in this rescue center will make you forget your fear of crocodiles. Some people have always been afraid of crocodiles. Who would have not right? With their teeth that are so sharp to look at, you would only think that they will eat you. Here in Palawan, you will be able to see different sizes of freshwater crocodiles. In this destination, you will get to know and be educated about the different endangered species in Palawan. In here, you will also see the different species that are close to extinction and know the reason why they have to be caged and not freed in their natural habitat. Know what these species have been through.

Crocodile Farm in Palawan

The Immaculate Conception Church of Puerto Princesa Palawan

Palawan is not only rich with natural wonders but they also have a church that attracts tourists. Just like other Filipinos the people in Palawan also have a strong devotion to their faith. You can drop by at their Immaculate Conception Church which used to be a small chapel and was believed to have been built during the Spanish colonization. The cathedral had its first mass in 1872. This cathedral is truly a work of art with its blue and white color complementing its design. This cathedral will remind you of the past. Be sure to be there and witness how devoted these people are.

Immaculate Concepcion Church

Baker’s Hill, Puerto Princesa

Don’t forget to taste Palawan’s very delicious crinkles at Baker’s Hill. They also serve different delicious snacks like freshly made pizza, pasta, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks. This is a bakery themed park. So expect something worth for your pose.

Baker's Hill in Palawan

Plaza Quartel, Puerto Princesa

Know what happened in this Plaza years ago. This plaza just a tourist spot for some but this place is a witness of so many tears back then. Imagine the cries of the American armies that were imprisoned and burned here. Their names are even listed below the statue inside the plaza.

Plaza Cuartel in Palawan

Puerto Princesa Baywalk

Its relaxing ambiance will remind you of your childhood. It will remind you of the times when you were still carefree and all you wanna do is play outside. Puerto Princesa’s Baywalk is a place where you can just sit on the benches and have some fun. You can also just walk beside the bay and enjoy the cold breeze of the wind. There are lots of activities that you can do here. Biking, firefly watching are just of it.

Baywalk in Palawan

Forget your worries and visit this paradise! Book now and we’ll give you the best vacation you deserve.