Coron located in the northern part of Palawan and one of the Islands in the Calamian Group. Also known to be one of the beautiful Islands in the Philippines. Have a taste of Paradise in this Place! A very well-known destination because of its overwhelming scenery.

A wonderful experience awaits you here in Coron. It is a beautiful place to be in. Still surrounded by the different limestone rock formations. It’s natural amazing karst formation is just one of the reasons why you have to be here. Who knows this could be your favorite place.

Surrounded by different rock formations and many islands, Coron is a must place to visit. Get to know about the customs and traditions of the people here. In here, you can also find shipwrecks that were used by the Japanese during World War II.

Siete Pecados

The Best site for Snorkeling

Abundant in terms of marine life, Siete Pecados is a place where you would love to do snorkeling in Coron. The clear and cold waters that surround the place make it easier for anyone to have a clear view of what is underneath the waters.

Various forms of species can be found here. Different kinds of fishes, corals, and other marine creatures. Snorkel now in this famous spot and feel like you are one of these amazing marine creatures. Also, discover and be amazed by the legend behind the 7 small limestone rock formations that can found on this spot.

SietePecados in Coron

Sangat Island

Don’t want to end your vacation without being able to explore what is at the bottom of the sea? You have to visit Sangat Island. Here, you can dive and explore the shipwrecks under the sea which were used by the Japanese years ago. This is a magnificent place to do scuba diving.

There are also lots of things that you need to discover when you are already at the bottom of the water. There are also resorts in the area to give you the most comfortable stay. If you are not into diving and still want to make your vacation worthwhile, there are also lots of activities waiting for you. Kayaking, rock climbing, and snorkeling are just some of these activities.

Mt. Tapyas

700+ steps above the ground, can you do it?

Want to have a wide view of Coron? Then prepare your water and stretch out your muscles because you have to go through 700+ steps going up to achieve a perfect view. The climb may be exhausting but when you are already at the top, the view is surely rewarding.

You will not regret taking those steps when you are at the top already. If you are going with people you love, then it would be easier for you because you have people whom you can laugh with while taking up the stairs. At the top is where you can also find a Pavilion. If you love sunsets and sunrise, then be sure to capture its perfect view from here. You will really fall in love with Coron if you will visit this place.

Mt. Tapyas in Coron

Barracuda Lake

Referred to as “Craziest Dive Site in the Philippines”

If you are a diver at heart, Barracuda lake is for you to try. There is so much that you will experience when you are already at the lake. The lake is surrounded by cliffs which makes it pretty awesome. The feeling when you are already at the bottom of the water is overwhelming knowing you get to see different underwater rock formations. Salt water and fresh water meets in here too, which makes the temperature of the water not usual. Don’t worry, swimming here is still nice even if you will not go diving. So be sure to get off the boat and swim.

Barracuda Lake in Coron

Dimakya Island

Powdery sands, turquoise blue waters, accommodating staff and hospitable people are the things that will make you want to visit the Island. Have the best Island stay in this place. If they are already beautiful to look at in the pictures, how much more when you get there. You will be amazed by this Island. And think that perfection really does exist. This place also houses different kinds of marine lives which you would surely have fun looking at.

Dimakya Island in Coron

Atwayan Beach

Want to have a lovely day?

A place that looks untouched. If you are looking for a beach to unwind, eat some lunch and sip some drink, then you have to visit Atwayan beach. Here you can have chitchat with your family, friends, kids, or significant other. Enjoy the view and go swimming in its oh so perfect beach.

Atwayan Beach in Coron

Bulog Dos Island, Calamian

The travel going here may take more than an hour but I tell you, once the boat docks in this place, you will really go down quickly to see how beautiful it is. Surrounded by different rock formations and white sands, you would love to be left in this place. Only if you have a house here, you would live here.

Bulog Dos Beach in Coron

Banana Island

Located near the Bulog Dos Island is the so-called Banana Island. A place where you can freely swim. With its good-looking coconut trees, white sand beach, and peaceful ambiance you’ll have a great time relaxing in this place.

Banana Island in Coron

Malcapuya Island, Coron

This Island’s inviting view will really give you tan lines. The long stretch of white sand and the breeze of fresh air with good vibes, your stay here will be unforgettable.

Malcapuya Island in Coron

Banul Beach, Coron

Include this in your Island hopping experience and you will really have the best time. Still a beautiful place to be in. A beach with those gigantic rock formations. See the photo and look at how beautiful it is. Banul Beach

Twin Lagoon

Where the fresh water and saltwater meet, witness how the water of the Lagoon looks and feels like. Twin Lagoon should be on the top list of Coron trip. This is every tourist’s must-see attraction. A treasure that the people in Coron holds. Why? Well, this place is a stunning paradise. The amazing beauty of nature.

And as its name implies “twin” means that you are going to explore 2 paradises all at once. Two lagoons separated by these huge rock formations. At the first lagoon is where the boats dock and the second lagoon which is behind the first lagoon is where you can enjoy swimming.

The easiest and most comfortable way of going to the second Lagoon is through swimming and trusting your life. You have two options when entering the second Lagoon. You can swim under those big rock’s small opening (not advisable when the water is high) or just climb your way through the ladder (which is also located on the rock).

Twin Lagoon in Coron

Entrance to the second Lagoon

Twin Lagoon in Coron

Kayangan Lake

Said to be one of the cleanest waters in the country. Its crystal clear waters will amaze you and think that water pollution does not exist. Welcoming as it looks like, its view when you are at the top is just surreal. Just looking at its clear waters you will already be entertained with how these sea creatures live their life underneath. Yup, some of these sea creatures are already visible even without using any apparatus (which only proves how clear the water in here is). The lake is still surrounded by karst formations of Coron and green plants. Be amazed and don’t forget to take pictures because it is one of the most photographed places in Palawan.

Kayangan Lake in Coron


In Coron, ethnic groups still exist. They are called “Tagbanuas” that is believed to be one of the oldest tribe in the Philippines. These people can be found in the central and northern part of Palawan. Tagbanuas still do rituals, dance (like suling), and music as part of their tradition and uses it as a way of expressing their devotion to their faith.  The Tagbanuas are still living the traditional way. They have their own language but some of them may also understand different dialects. They are the living proof of the Philippine’s rich culture and history. Meet, get to know more, and be friends with them next time you visit Palawan.


Maquinit Hot Springs

Let your tired body be relaxed in this hot spring. Your body pains will be gone after staying in this spring. At first, you will really find it not easy to stay in the hot water due to its very hot temperature. When it is your first time to take a deep in here you will really find it very hot. You just have to slowly get your body into the water. Calm down and let your body adjust to the water’s temperature. It’s really relaxing once you get to adjust.

Maquinit Hot Spring in Coron

Pass Island

Snorkel, relax, breathe in some positivity and enjoy the view here on Pass Island. It has also white sands, crystal clear waters, fresh air, and plants. You can do beach volleyball, basketball or any games you would like to play. Have fun under the sun when you are here!

Pass Island in Coron

Beach 91

Stop by in this Island for a while, and be enchanted with its natural view. This place is perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming. Beach 91 also has blue turquoise waters and powdery white sand. There’s a story behind its name and it is for you to ask your boatman.

Beach 91 in Coron

Malwawey Reef and Coral Garden

House of the colorful corals, this underwater garden will make you say “wow”. It really looks like a beautiful garden that you will see on land but replace those flowers with corals. School of fishes and other marine creatures can be found here. Make sure to bring your waterproof cameras.

Malwawey Reef and Coral Garden in Coron

Calauit Safari Park

Also known as ” Wildlife Africa” located in the Philippines

Here, you find the animals which you will rarely see. That includes giraffes, zebras, porcupines, thousands of Calamian deer, pythons, porcupines, a civet cat, wild boar, a seagull, mouse-deer, tortoises, and more. Giraffes and zebras may be mainly found in Africa but ever wonder why they are in Palawan? Well, there is a story behind it. Years ago, only a number of zebras and giraffes were imported here in the Philippines. The reason was to preserve them. Some of the animals here are endangered and probably the reason why they are captivated. (To ensure that they will not become extinct and to help increase their population). When you go there, help in taking care of the animals by following the rules of the Park.

Caluit Safari Park in Coron

Black Island

Crystal Clear Waters, a long stretch of white sands, towering dark rocks and green plants are not just the only beautiful things that you’ll witness on this island. There is also a cave here that every tourist should look after. Caves located under the greenery mountains. Caves that every tourist should try and explore its enchanting ambiance. From its ceiling to its floor, this cave is a gift from nature. There are two openings for this cave, depends on which door you want to pass. If you want a way easy in or an adventurous one.

Black Island in Coron

Lusong Coral Garden

This breathtaking scenery underwater is much more than worth your dive. You’ll really have an unforgettable experience here. If you haven’t try diving yet, then you should give this place a try. Expect to witness diverse forms of corals and different aquatic resources. There are lots of things that you need to discover when you’re here already.

Lusong Coral GArden in Coron

Skeletal Wreck

Palawan is a home for shipwrecks. This is a popular site in Coron. Get to explore what is in this small shipwreck. A lot of tourists make sure they get to dive or snorkel at this site. Get to meet the different kinds of fishes while exploring the shipwreck. The shipwreck’s location is not that deep. In fact, it can be visibly seen while still at the boat.

Skeletal Wreck in Coron

Lusong Gunboat

Another adventure unforgettable swim is waiting for you here. This superb dive site will amaze you. Who would have thought that a magnificent view can be located underwater? Also, get to know its story that happened during World War II and why it ended up on this site.

Lusong Gunboat in Coron

Concepcion Falls

Palawan also has a waterfall for its tourists to explore. You really need to take a deep in here because why not? Its amazing and cold waterfalls will really tempt you to swim. It’s also a nice place to go to after wreck diving. The falls are surrounded by green plants which makes it look relaxing and the water is so clean.

Concepcion Falls in Coron

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