Coron is a place where you can experience paradise. This paradise is located at the northern part of Palawan. There are so many beautiful spots that you may explore in this place. To help you know better of Coron, we have a Coron Town Tour that you may avail. In this tour, you are going to explore the exciting spots of the Town. In just a matter of few hours, you can already familiarize Coron.

Prepare for an unforgettable Coron Town Tour!


Your Coron Town Tour will start in the afternoon. A transport with a driver will pick you up at your hotel and from there you will travel to your first destination. The first spot that you are going to explore is the Coron Bay Walk where you can have a sneak peek of the Islands of Coron. The Island destinations of Coron is visible in this Baywalk. After enjoying the place, you will then head to the second destination for this tour.

Baywalk in Coron

Centennial Shrine

Second stop is the Centennial Shrine. This place will help you know better of Coron and how amazing it is as a place. You will also get to know of the history of the place. You’ll really appreciate the Shrine.

Centinnial Shrine in Coron

Souvenir Shop

Next stop is Souvenir Shop as you will be having a fun-filled adventure after this so, there will be not time to buy souvenirs. So, enjoy shopping!

Souvenir Shop in Coron

Cashew Harvest

After having a great time shopping for souvenirs, you will head to the Cashew and Production Site of Coron. Cashew is one of Coron’s special delicacy. Expect that the cashews here are superb plus you are going to witness hot it is being processed before it is sold in the market. You can also buy some cashews here. Have a taste then!

Cashew in Coron

Mt. Tapyas

If you enjoyed the cashew that much, then prepare some water for this is what you’ll need for your next adventure. Prepare you muscles as you will be taking 700 steps going up. 700 steps going to Mt. Tapyas, one of the highest mountains in Coron. The journey going up is going to be exhausting but the view that you are going to have at the top is surely rewarding. When you reach the top already, be amazed with the magnificent of Coron and its beautiful Sunset.

Mt. Tapyas in Coron Town Tour

The steps going up

Mt. Tapyas in Coron Town Tour

Maquinit Spring

After an exhausting yet enjoyable climb to Mt. Tapyas, refresh and relax your muscles at the Maquinit Spring. This is your last stop for your Coron Town Tour. Maquinit Spring features a big tub filled with natural hot spring water where you can have a dip and relax. Allow the warmth of the water to sooth your tired body.

Maquinit Spring in Coron town tour

After relaxing, you may then prepare your self and get back to the car as you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Enjoy this Coron Town Tour with us!

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