Bohol really has so much to offer to its tourists. Its spectacular natural wonders and man-made tourist spots are something that tourists should look forward to when visiting Bohol. This is the reason why we offer different tour packages – to give you a choice as to what to visit first in Bohol. We have Bohol Tour – Waterfalls in Bohol for you to witness the natural beauty of these waterfalls.

The good thing about Waterfalls in Bohol?

One of Bohol’s natural gems is its magnificent waterfalls. Waterfalls in Bohol; that will leave you in awe. We offer different Bohol tour packages that suit your budget and your interests and one of our tour packages Waterfalls in Bohol.  If you’ll avail of this tour package we’ll start your tour by picking you up in your hotel. Expect that you are going to travel over the magnificent waterfalls in Bohol.

After picking you up then we will be heading to Balilihan to start your Waterfalls Adventure.

Kawasan Falls

The first waterfall that you are going to explore is the Kawasan Falls in the municipality of Balilihan. Exhale the negativities and inhale positivity because this enchanting waterfall will surely take your stress away. Have fun and enjoy the waters of Bohol’s Kawasan Falls. Looking at the waterfall, you will be overwhelmed with how this amazing wonder became possible. Yep, it is really that beautiful.

kawasan falls in bohol tour - Waterfalls Adventure

Cumagao Falls

After a few hours of enjoying the Kawasan Falls, the next stop for your Bohol Tour – Waterfalls in Bohol would be the Cumagao Falls in the municipality of Balilihan. Getting here will be an adventure but pretty sure it will be worth the trek. Take time to refresh and enjoy swimming in this pool looking waterfall. It is surrounded by different rock formations and tropical plants which makes it look even more attractive.

Camugao-Falls-Balilihan in Bohol Tour - Waterfalls Adventure

Mag-aso Falls

Lastly, let’s end your Tour by visiting and swimming at Mag-aso Falls in the Municipality of Antequera. Here, you are going to witness not just one but two waterfalls in one area. Yep, this is a twin waterfall. It is one of the famous waterfalls in Bohol yet it remains unspoiled. You’ll really appreciate its natural beauty and amazed by its twin waterfall. After this waterfall hoping we’ll drop you off at your hotel.

Mag Aso in Bohol Tour - Waterfalls Adventure

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