Whalesharks in Oslob,Cebu

Whale shark watching in Oslob is also a must activity to try when in Cebu. A province in Cebu just made a noise all over the world. Known for its reputable hotels, pristine beaches and Whale sharks, Oslob became a top tourist destination in the country. There’s never a boring day in Oslob. Everyday, a lot of tourists-foreign or locals are visiting Oslob because of its Whale sharks, waterfalls and other tourist spots.

Oslob is where you can swim with the Whale sharks. Yup ! you read it right. You can already have a close encounter with these giant creatures under the sea, take pictures and feed them. Ooops! it is not what you think.  You don’t have to worry because these Whale sharks won’t eat you. They may be big, have big mouths and all but they don’t eat humans. They only eat fish, squid and the likes, which is abundant in the area. These filter feeder creatures can live up to 70-100 years.

whale shark in Cebu

How did this tourist attraction started?

Also, the fishermen feed them, which made them stay in the area. Years ago, fishermen used to hate them and make them stay away from the area because they are eating the fishes that the fishermen should supposedly catch for their living. As the days go by, they have realized that these

Whale sharks is a great help. So instead of catching fishes they decided to feed the Whale sharks. The other Whale shark is calling out its friends because the area is abundant in terms of food. As each day passes by, numbers of whale sharks are coming in the area. Which makes it a tourist attraction now. Based on research Whale sharks are known as the largest fish in the planet and they can grow up to 14 meter long. Yep, they really are very heavy. These creatures are slow-moving so it really is possible to take pictures with them.  Imagine there are lots of them in Oslob, Cebu. Imagine swimming with a giant sea creature in front of you, at your back and even at your side and to the other side.  Oh well, it’s a must try adventure that you’ll regret if you will not try.

Whaleshark in Oslob

Tumalog Falls

Oslob’s top destination maybe its whalesharks but its Tumalog Falls can also attract tourists. Watching its waters from above until it falls is truly magical. Looking at its waters going down and going through those layered rocks covered with moose will make you think that it’s going through an adventure. It’s a one of the most wonderful and big falls that you will see. It has an enchanting ambiance. Looking at it from a far will make you excited and run to it quickly because it really is beautiful. Once you get closer to it, you’ll feel how jaw-dropping it is. The water falls is surrounded with big and green plants so have to connect with nature and exhale the negativity. This is the best place after having an encounter with the giant species is the salt water. Here, the water is cold and refreshing.

tumalog falls in Cebu

Simala Church

One of the places where you can witness how religious the people in the Philippines are. This spacious holy place is located in the northern part of Cebu. This palace looking shrine serves as a home for the image of the Miraculous Virgin Mary. A place where people pray for miracle and thank God and the Virgin Mary for the goodness that they have done. A lot of devotees come in here everyday. Believers or not, everyone is welcome here. There are also tourists that come here to witness how magnificent it is.

As you enter the place, you will really be amazed with its structural design. Inside, you will find a spot where masses are held. You will also find there the statues of the different Saints. There is a space inside where you can light a candle and offer some prayers. You can also take time to look at those things and letters -placed inside a cabinet with a glass door- offered by the devotees to the Virgin Mary because their wishes were granted. Some of the things that can be found there are calculators and pencils( which were used by people who took the bar or board exams and passed), crutches , walkers (which were not used by its owners anymore because they are already healed) and more. You can also find inside the statue of the Virgin Mary of Simala.

Simala shrine in Cebu

Traveling from the airport to these destinations will take a few hours. Book with us and we’ll make your way there fun!