Have a different adventure and explore the crater lake at one of the Philippines ’ most active volcano. Taal Lake offers unique eye-catching scenery that is surely worth the travel. This magnificent place is located 50 kilometers away from Manila (Capital City of the Philippines) and tourists would always take time to explore this place. Taal Tour is one of the adventures that you surely will try again. Before you can have an excellent view of Taal, you have to do the trekking. It is from above that you are going to have a rewarding view of the place. Trekking here is worth it. In fact, a lot of tourists have already been there. You wouldn’t want to miss this activity.

Taal Tour in Manila

Whatever your standard is, there is a right trail for you. The trail that suits your category so that you’ll have a great time. Prepare yourself because it is going to be an exciting trek, knowing there is something waiting for you at the top. So, to start your adventure. We will be picking you up at your hotel in Manila. From Manila, you will then travel over to Taal. It is going to take a few hours only so you have time to relax before starting the trek.

The rewarding view after a not-so-long trek

Taal Tour in Manila

Upon arrival, a tour guide will be available to orient you and guide you all throughout the tour. After the very short orientation, you will then ride a boat going to Volcano Island. After a few minutes, you will arrive already at the Island and start your trek. Also, the unique thing is, you can rent a horse to make your journey easier but it isn’t necessary. You have the choice whether you’ll finish the trek while riding a horse or finish it using your own effort. Whatever your choice is, sure you’ll still have fun.

Experience this in your Taal Tour

Horse Back Riding Taal Tour in Manila

After enjoying the rewarding view of Taal Volcano and its Lake from above, you will then go back to where you begin with the same route going up. Ooops, the adventure doesn’t stop there. After going back to Talisay (where you started). The transport will be available to take you to Tagaytay and have a meal at a restaurant there. While having a meal, your view would be the magnificent Taal Volcano.

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