Panglao – Oslob Tour offers you an easy way to meet the giant creatures. Whale Sharks in Oslob is no wonder, one of the famous attraction in the Philippines. You cannot only see these Whale Sharks but you can also have a close encounter with them. These adorable creatures will make your travel to Cebu worth it.

If you are staying in Bohol and wanted to meet the Whale Sharks in Cebu then you don’t have to worry anymore. We have  a Panglao – Oslob Tour for you. A tour that will make it easier for you to have a close encounter with the friendliest creatures on earth.

This is how you are going to have a close encounter with the Whale Sharks via Panglao – Oslob Tour

For this trip, you have to wake up early in the morning and to be at the pick-up point already at 5:00 AM. To make your trip convenient, a transport will be available to pick you up at your hotel and transfer to the main beach. The pick-up point will be at the main beach near Alona Beach Resort in Panglao. At the main beach is where the boat will dock and will wait for you. If you are at the pick-up point already, you can already ride the boat and settle your self there.

Whale Sharks

Just after everything is settled, the boat will then head to Oslob. The travel going to Oslob will take approximately two hours. Along the way, you will not get bored because there will be scenery that will entertain your eyes. Plus, the excitement that you will feel at the moment will entertain you as well. After a few hours of travel, you will then arrive in Oslob.

Panglao - Oslob Tour

In Oslob, there will be a short orientation before you can have a close encounter with the giant creatures of the sea. After that, you will then head to where the Whale Sharks are. Have fun swimming and taking pictures with them. These Whale Sharks won’t harm you as they are regarded to be friendly creatures. They move slowly which makes it easier for you to take pictures with them.

Panglao - Oslob Tour

If you get hungry after swimming with the Whale Sharks, lunch is included in this Panglao – Oslob Tour. Have a sumptuous lunch in Oslob. After having lunch, you will then proceed to the boat to start your travel way back to Panglao. Bid farewell to the Whale Sharks and say you will be back, as you travel away from them. Its going to be a few hours of travel again going back to Panglao. The boat will dock again at the main beach. You will really enjoy this Panglao – Oslob Tour.

Panglao-Oslob Whale Sharks

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