Stay away from all the worries, problems, and stop worrying about the things that stress your life. Have a break and head to Pagsanjan Falls. The scenery here is so relaxing and will make you forget the negative things. This enchanting waterfall is located in Laguna, Philippines. Pagsanjan Falls is a famous tourist spot knowing it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. You’ll surely enjoy swimming here and take a shower in its cascading waters. This waterfall is very tall that it measures more than 100 meters in height.

Before you can witness its magnificent beauty, you have to cross the river first going to the main waterfall. Its water flows directly to its river which is also a known tourist spot in the country.

How to get to Pagsanjan Falls?

To start your Pagsanjan Falls Adventure, transport will be available to pick you up at your hotel in Manila and from there you will travel going to Laguna. The travel is going to take a few hours so might as well, enjoy the scenery that you will pass by. There is a lot of scenery that you are going to witness along the way so don’t forget to bring out your camera or simply enjoy it.

Pagsanjan Falls in Manila

The waterfall is accessible through the town of Cavinti or Pagsanjan. As our valued guest, we would give you the choice to choose which way you would like. We would highly recommend reaching the falls via Pagsanjan since it is easier than the other one. Going to the waterfall, you will have an adventurous boat ride for about an hour. This boat ride is also commonly known as “Shooting the Rapids”. You don’t have to worry because you will be accompanied by experienced and licensed boatmen. Exciting isn’t it?

Pagsanjan Falls in Manila

As you come closer to Pagsanjan Falls, the more that you will appreciate its beauty and understand why a lot of tourists come into this place. Once you arrive, you can already enjoy the waters or enjoy the activities there like bamboo rafting. Behind the showering water of Pagsanjan Falls is an interesting cave that you would like to explore. We would also advise that you will bring food because there are no vendors in the area but lunch is included for this tour.

Pagsanjan Falls in Manila

The cave

Pagsanjan Falls in Manila

After enjoying the waterfall, it is time to go back. You will have the same way out like how you got into the area. Going back is more adventurous so be prepared. After this, we will bring you back to your hotel.

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