Travel to the Philippines and experience one of the best trekking adventures ever. Mount Pulag is the highest Peak in Luzon situated in Benguet. It is every traveler’s dream to have to reach a peak. Getting on top of the peak really requires you to be medically fit. The magnificent scenery of Mount Pulag is something that you should look forward to witnessing. As well as, the enchanting view of the sea of clouds. The fact that Mount Pulag is considered the third highest peak in the country, it will make you want to visit the Peak even more. It won’t be an easy trail but it will be worth it.

Mt. Pulag in Manila

So, to start your Mount Pulag Adventure, we will fetch you up at your hotel in Manila and travel going to Mount Pulag. The travel going there will take hours but that would also mean, you will have enough time to store some energy before starting the climb to Mount Pulag. The van will stop at the DENR Junction near Mount Pulag and from there, you have to hike for a few minutes going to where Mount Pulag National Park is located.

Mt.Pulag in Manila

At Mt. Pulag National Park Protected Area Office, there will be a short orientation for every hiker to remember before starting the climb. After a few minutes of reminders, the adventure begins.

Your Mount Pulag adventure begins here

You have to ride a motorcycle going to Babadak Ranger station which serves as the starting point for your trekking. The starting point is approximately 8 meters away from the office of Mt. Pulag National Park. In Babadak, there are tents available because you will use the tent later. Here, you will also have lunch and prepare yourself for the adventure.

Mt. Pulag

After a short stay at Babadak Ranger Station, the hike begins. The first camp is just an hour and a half away from Babadak Ranger Station. After a quick rest at the first camp. You are going to proceed to the second camp. It’s going to be an hour and a half hike again going to the Campsite where you will be spending the night. It is also where you’ll have dinner and for sure you’ll have a good time.

Mt. Pulag in Manila

After a night at Camp 2, you have to wake up early because you’ll continue your Mount Pulag Adventure. You have to wake up early so that you will arrive at the summit early too. The trek will take almost two hours so appreciate the trail going there. You surely will. When you reach the peak already, it is where you’ll realize why a lot of people kept on coming back to Mount Pulag. And understand why it is referred to as the “Playground of the Gods”. It looks so close to heaven. From the above, you will witness the relaxing sea of clouds.

Playground of the Gods

Mt. Pulag Peak in Manila

And oh! the beautiful sunset too! After savoring the moment at the top of Mount Pulag, it is time to go back because it’s going to be a long hike again. You will be going back to the second camp and have breakfast there. Sure, you’ll have a heavy breakfast, after that hike. After eating, it’s time to pack everything including the tents.

Mt. Pulag in Manila

Once you are done, the journey going home continues. You will be hiking back at Babadak Ranger, return the tents there, and then done. You will ride a motorcycle again and sign out at the office. After, fix yourself, and then there will be transport to bring you back to Manila. Before going to Manila, you’ll have a stopover first at Baguio City and have dinner there. After that, you will proceed to the van, and the travel going to Manila continues.

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