These are the places that you shouldn’t miss during your visit to the Philippines. Located in the capital city of the country, these remarkable places will make you remember the Philippines. The country may be known for its magnificent natural wonders but there are also man-made spots here that you surely would like. That would include the historical places in Manila. Places that have been part of the war that happened in Manila. Manila City Tour will be one of your fun-filled City tours.

What places are you going to explore in your Manila City Tour?


To start your tour, we will be picking you up at your hotel in Manila. The first stop for your Manila City Tour will be the financial district of Makati. Makati is where the major business industries of the country are located. It is also one of the cities in Metro Manila. Here, you can shop at the biggest malls and witness the high-rise buildings.

Makati City in Manila City Tour

Fort Bonifacio

In Makati, you will also visit the Fort Bonifacio and American Cemetery. In the American Cemetery, you will find thousands of Cross and under it, is where the Americans (who fought for the country) are buried. It has a peaceful ambiance and will make you appreciate the heroic deeds of the Americans years ago.

Fort Bonifacio in Manila City Tour

American Cemetery

American Cemetery in Manila City Tour

Rizal Park

After this, we will travel by going to the City of Manila. In Manila, you will then explore Rizal Park. A spacious park where you can find the statue of the Philippine’s National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Underneath the statue is where the body of Dr. Jose Rizal was buried. It is also where he was killed. Discover the story behind it when you get there.

Rizal Park in Manila City Tour


The next stop would be the walled City of Intramuros which used to be part of the history of the Philippines. After this, you will witness one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.

Intramuros in Manila City Tour

San Agustin Church

San Agustin Church was built during the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines. It is still standing firm up to this day. You should look forward to seeing its architectural structure. A lot of religious statues can be found inside too.

San Agustin in Manila City Tour

Fort Santiago

The next destination will be Fort Santiago. This place also plays a big role during the Spanish Colonization of the Philippines. It has a grand entrance (a stoned-wall) that will attract you to get inside. After getting fascinated with Fort Santiago’s scenery, your Manila City Tour continues.

Fort Santiago in Manila City Tour

Quiapo Church

You will then head to your next destination which is the Quiapo Church. The church houses the statue of the miraculous Black Nazarene. During its fiesta, thousands of devotees can be seen in the area.

Quiapo Church in Manila City Tour

Chinese Cemetery

To end your Manila City Tour, you will be heading to one of the oldest cemeteries in Manila -Chinese Cemetery. Here, you can find a lot of grand mausoleums. This place also was part of the history of the Philippines. After exploring the Cemetery, it is time to transfer you back to your hotel.

Chinese Cemetery in Manila City Tour

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