Have a quick getaway! Away from the bustling sounds of the City. This place near Manila will make your quick getaway complete. A place where you can relax and connect with nature. Have a slice of paradise at Hidden Valley. Located just a few hours away from the Capital City of the Philippines -Manila.

Hidden Valley Springs

This day tour is very much enjoyable for you will be swimming in the unique springs of Hidden Valley. The place itself is already relaxing. How much more if you’ll have a dip on its hot and cold springs. There is a lot that you have to explore in this place.

Hidden Valley in Manila

To start your Hidden Valley Adventure, we will be picking you up at your hotel in Manila. From there, we will travel for a few hours going to Calauan, Laguna. The place where Hidden Valley Springs is located. Along the way, a lot of scenery can be seen and that will make your travel going to Laguna, worthwhile. Pretty sure you’ll get excited, for the more that you get closer to the spring, the more that you’ll hear the sounds of the cascading water of the springs. The sound itself is already relaxing plus the sounds of the trees as the wind blow them. Include also the tweets of the birds and the other relaxing sounds that you’ll hear in the forest.

Hidden Valley Spring in Manila

Hidden Valley has different levels of pools where the fresh spring water cascades. Each level has different water temperatures and you have the freedom to choose where you would like to swim. Have fun taking a dip and swimming in its volcanic spring waters. They also have here a lunch buffet that will satisfy your cravings and will make you have a sumptuous lunch. They serve traditional Filipino food so enjoy your meal.

Hidden Valley Springs in Manila

After this whole day of adventure, we will be transferring you back to your hotel. You can also just stay here since they also provide here room accommodations. Sure, you’ll have a great time here.

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