Explore the Queen City of the South. Discover the beauty of Cebu and let its fascinating scenery make your vacation in Cebu fruitful. In this Cebu City Tour, you will be visiting the tourist spots of Cebu. Tourist Spots that are a “must” to visit when you are in Cebu. For this whole day tour, we’ll make sure that you’ll have a lot of fun. Not only that, but we’ll also make sure that you’ll have a lot to learn about Cebu. In just one day, you will be visiting a lot of spots. Make sure to take pictures because the spots here are picturesque.

So, let’s start your Cebu City Tour by picking you up in your hotel and from there we will be heading to your first destination. Your first destination would be the Mactan Shrine.

Your Cebu City Tour starts here:

Mactan Shrine

It is where the battle of Mactan happened years ago and the reason why it is preserved up until now.  It is also where you’ll find the statue of Lapu-Lapu -the Datu (Chief) who killed Magellan when he was trying to invade the place.

Mactan Shrine in Cebu

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

lapu-lapu shrine in Cebu

Allegre Guitar

The place where world-class guitars are made. Here, you can buy some high-quality guitars and see how it is done step by step.

Alegre Guitars in Cebu

Fort San Pedro

This historical place will make you wonder what life was, back then. It will also make you wonder what happened years ago that there are big cannons there. Well, this place used to be part of a revolution that happened years ago. Know more about it when you’ll get there. This fort is located inside the spacious Plaza Independencia.

Fort San Pedro in Cebu

Sto. Nino Church

This is a holy place where you will witness the Cebuano’s devotion to their faith. It is big enough but every January (during the 9 days novena) thousands of devotees are coming here. To the point that not everyone can get inside the Church since it is already full. Here, you can also find the statue of Sr. Sto. Nino is known to be miraculous. Every 3rd Sunday of January a big fiesta is being celebrated in honor of the Saint.

Sto. Nino Church in Cebu

Magellan’s Cross

Outside the Sto. Nino Church is where you’ll find the Magellan’s Cross. The cross that Magellan brought and planted in Cebu. The original cross is encased inside a Tindalo Wood. The cross also is placed inside a chapel.

Magellans cross in Cebu City Tour

If we still have time you will be visiting the San Diego-Yap Ancestral House but if not then we’ll still have lunch first.

San Diego-Yap Ancestral House

Travel back to the old times and have a glimpse of the past. San Diego-Yap Ancestral House is one of the oldest houses in Cebu. Inside, you can find a lot of furniture that is old already yet is still there. This is one of the famous spots included in your Cebu City Tour.

yap-sandiego-ancestral-house-exterior in Cebu

Taoist Temple

After lunch, it’s time to visit the grand temple of the Chinese. Taoism is their religion and this is where they usually do worship. This temple was built way back in 1972 and is still looking good right now. This is the last stop of the City Tour. But if you want to extend the City Tour, we can also take you to Tops. (going to Tops is additional pay)

Taoist Temple in Cebu


Here, you can relax and enjoy the cold breeze. As the sun goes down, the city lights are also getting brighter and it’s the most amazing and magnificent view that you’ll not forget. From here, you can have a wide view of Cebu.

Tops in Cebu City Tour

The view of the City

Tops in Cebu City Tour

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