This place in Bohol is where you’ll find so much joy. Bohol Tour – Extreme Adventure is one that you should try when visiting Bohol. This is where you’ll laugh a lot and be scared at the same time. Here you can bring all your family members or all your squad since it is a great place for bonding. You’ll really wear that smile in this whole day Bohol Tour – Extreme Adventure of yours.

These are the things that you are going to experience in your Bohol Tour – Extreme Adventure.

Sea of Clouds

Conquer your fears and let’s start your Bohol Tour – Extreme Adventure with an enchanting view of the Sea of Clouds. Yep, there is a sea of clouds here in Bohol but you’ll have to wake up early to witness it. Which means that we have to leave the hotel as early as 4 a.m., to arrive at the viewing place early when the clouds are most visible. After the sea of clouds viewing, we’ll go now to the Adventure Park where the activities are located. If you don’t want to witness the sea of clouds, you can start your Bohol Tour-Extreme Adventure at 7:30 a.m..

Sea of Clouds in Bohol Extreme Adventure

Glass Cliffwalk

Alright, so let’s stop talking and start moving. When we are at the area already, you can choose whatever activity you would want to try first. Fasten your harness and take a deep breath because this Glass Cliff walk is a thing that you should try especially for those who wanted to conquer their fear of heights. Glass Cliff walk means you are going to walk through the clear glass floor that is 10 meters away off the cliff. You don’t have to worry because there will be a safety harness. This might be your favorite part in your Bohol Tour-Extreme Adventure.

Glass Cliffwalk in Bohol Extreme Adventure

Sky Ride

They also have Sky Ride where you can see the view of the surroundings from above. Like the view of the Loboc River and the view of the forest. Chill with your family and friends here.

Sky Ride in Bohol Extreme Adventure

Root Climbing and Rappelling

Root Climbing and Rappelling will surely test your strength. Imagine climbing and rappelling through those big roots of the Balete Tree. Can you do that? Well let’s see.

root climbing in Bohol Extreme Adventure

Rapelling in Bohol Extreme Adventure


Suislide is for you to try if you want to fly. If you are going to avail this adventure, prepare yourself because you’ll go through that zipline in a flying position. Isn’t it exciting?

suislide in Bohol Extreme Adventure


How about Caving? It always feels so good getting inside a cave and see what you can discover there.Caving always feels like you are entering another world. It is one of the experiences that you’ll surely miss in your Bohol Extreme Tour.

caving in Bohol Extreme Adventure

Waterfalls chasing and River Trekking

Waterfalls chasing and River Trekking is worth your time and money when in Danao Adventure Park, Bohol. Explore the three falls located in this Adventure Park and see how satisfying it is.

waterfalls chasing in Bohol Extreme Adventure


Kayaking is also possible here so make sure to try this activity. Have a fun ride and may the waters be in your favor.

kayaking in Bohol Extreme Adventure

Bouldering and Plunge

Bouldering and Plunge are for those who are adventure seeker. Experience free falling and let’s see if you still want to try it again. Also, they serve delicious lunch here to give you the energy you need for your Bohol Tour – Extreme Adventure . After a whole day of adventure, we’ll drop you off at your hotel.

Plunge in Bohol Extreme Adventure

There is so much activities that you can try in this adventure park.You will really have a memorable Bohol Tour – Extreme Adventure and for sure you’ll have so much fun here!